• NCR Regional Archeology Program

    NCR Regional Archeology Program


Caring for Collections – ICMS

The Interior Collection Management System (ICMS) is a collection management system for museum collections in all bureaus and units of the U.S. Department of the Interior. It is used to catalog the objects, specimens, and archival material in the Department's collections. ICMS performs many collection management functions, including:

  • Cataloging objects using discipline-specific values
  • Querying catalog objects and collections
  • Creation of reports
  • Tracking loans, exhibits, and deaccessions
  • ... among others
Researchers catalog artifacts from Harmony Hall

Artifacts are cataloged prior to entry into ICMS.

Since 2006, the National Park Service has used ICMS (and its predecessor ANCS+). Many DOI and NPS employees contributed to the functional requirements for customization of the system to suit Department needs. Here in the National Capital Region, ICMS is used by collections managers to maintain the records on the extensive collections and archives maintained at NCR parks and in the Museum Resource Center in Landover, MD.

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