• NCR Regional Archeology Program

    NCR Regional Archeology Program


Get Involved

The National Park Service welcomes you to get involved in the stewardship of our cultural and natural resources.

VIP Brochure

Here, in our Nation's Capital, and across the nation, the Volunteers-In-Parks (VIP) program of the National Park Service invites you to volunteer. Everyone can be a VIP! Download a VIP brochure or contact your nearby national park and ask for the VIP Coordinator. (Links to park sites in the National Capital Region.)

States often celebrate archeology with a special "month" These vary state by state – April in Maryland, October in Virginia and West Virginia. To find out more for your state, see a complete list.

Links to Some of the Archeology Opportunities around Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.
General Information
Do you know of other opportunities to get involved around Washington, D.C.? Please let us know.

Unauthorized metal detecting and artifact collecting are strictly forbidden in all parks and on all other federal property.