Frequently Asked Questions About Dangling Rope Marina

Questions About Dangling Rope Marina

Q: How did Dangling Rope get its name?
A: An early Colorado River runner found a rope hanging from the rocks in the back of the canyon. It was presumed to be left by mid-twentieth century uranium mining expeditions. The river runners originally called it Hanging Rope Canyon, but over the years the name somehow changed to Dangling Rope.

Q: Are we in Arizona or Utah?
A: Dangling Rope Marina is physically located in the state of Utah. However, all of the facilities are on Arizona time, since the operations of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are controlled by Park Service Headquarters in Page, AZ.

Q:How do I get to Rainbow Bridge?
A: See the front of the Ranger Station for directions to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Q:How far is the walk to Rainbow Bridge?
A: At the current lake level, the hike is just over a mile one way. As the water level falls, the length of the trail will probably increase to over a mile and a quarter.

Q: What are the marina rules?
A: The following activities are prohibited:
Fishing inside breakwater
Overnight docking
Pets on the docks or in the store
Unauthorized people behind the fenced areas or on shore
Smoking on the fuel dock or in the store
Open food or beverages in the store
And for goodness sake...
Please Don’t Feed the Fish!

Q: So if there are no roads, how does everything get here?
A: All supplies, from the docks, to the gasoline, to the ice cream, all arrive here by barge or other boat. Conversely, all waste and recycled materials also must be removed from the marina by barge.

Q:How do you get your electricity?
A:There are 237 solar panels and two backup propane generators that supply electricity for the housing and marina facility. Before the solar panels were installed, all of the facilities at Dangling Rope were run on diesel generators. Transporting the fuel was expensive, there was always a risk of spillage, and burning it caused pollution. Now, with the addition in 1996 of the largest stand-alone photovoltaic system in the National Park Service, Dangling Rope can operate in an environmentally-safe way.

Q: Where can I get cell phone coverage?
A: The repeater is located on Navajo Mountain, the dome-shaped mountain to the northeast of Rainbow Bridge. Inside canyons, the signal has a hard time reaching the repeater. Try going to the large open bays. If you can see Navajo Mountain, you can probably get a signal out.

Q: Do you live here?
A: Seasonal staff are here from March through October. A couple of these hearty souls live here year-round to ensure that Dangling Rope Marina is open every day.

Q: How long do you live here?
A: Aramark, the National Park Service concessioner, has approximately 30 employees who live on top of the hill behind the marina. The National Park Service has 12 employees. On their time off, Dangling Rope residents have personal watercraft, powerboats, skiing, fishing, and kayaks for their fun on the water. The recreation hall is equipped with workout equipment, a pool table, foosball, ping pong, and darts.

Q: How can I get such a great job?
A: The employees of Lake Powell Resorts and marinas can find their jobs at National Park Service employees must go through the application process at Hope to see you here next summer!

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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