Prince William Forest Park- Quantico Falls Trail

Quantico Falls Trail Display Sign at parking lot E
Quantico Falls Trail- Informational Sign

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Quantico Falls Trail (0.7 miles; 1.1 km)

The Quantico Falls Trail is a short, easy hike down to Quantico Creek marked with yellow blazes. The trail head is located at parking lot E and there are side-trail options with Lake One Road and North Valley Trail.

Downed logs in Winter
Downed logs in the Winter

National Park Service

Throughout your hike, you will travel through the open forest. There are many opportunities to see downed logs and snags which provide habitat to many of the park's wild inhabitants.

Two views of Quantico Creekin the winter.
Two views of Quantico Creek from Quantico Falls Trail

National Park Service

After a short descent and about 15 minutes down the trail, you will come upon Quantico Creek. Here you can see the creek meandering over and through large rocks that cover the stream bed and banks.

Geology Trail marker one, describing the volcanic history of the park.
Geology Trail informational sign #1

National Park Service

The trail will follow the creek for about 5 minutes. The first Geology Trail Marker can be found on the banks of the Quantico Falls Trail. Here you can learn about the volcanic history of the park.

(Above) Quantico Creek, (Below) Footbridge leading onto North Valley Trail
(Above) Quantico Creek, (Below) Footbridge leading to North Valley Trail

National Park Service

The trail ends at a small foot bridge on the North Valley Trail. From here you can back-track on Quantico Creek Trail to parking lot E, or you can extend your hike onto North Valley Trail.


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