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  • 3 examples of preservation work: masonry repair, the repair of a lighthouse lantern, and baulstraude repair

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Save America's Treasures Grant Forms

General Information for Managing your Grant

The Historic Preservation Fund Manual contains basic information on the rules for managing your grant. However, additional supplementary information is available from several resources.

Payment Information
The National Park Service uses a payment system for grantees called the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP). Instructions on how to enroll and draw funds from the ASAP system are provided here. Note: If you have outstanding reports or late submittals, this may prevent you from drawing down funds.

Matching Share
Matching Share Eligibility

Contracting and Procurement Information
Procurement Standards
Donated Labor Valuation Form and Time Sheet
Donated Equipment Valuation Form
Donated Material Valuation Form
Competitive Negotiation and Small Purchases Documentation Form
Sub-grant/Contract Payment Approval Checklist

Preservation Easements
Sample Preservation Easement

Information on Audit requirements

Grant Project Publicity, Program Acknowledgment, & Logo Requirements

Required Acknowledgment and Nondiscrimination Statements
Save America's Treasures Logo Specifications (.pdf)
Save America's Treasures Logo (In Adobe Fireworks format)
Save America's Treasures Logo (In Tif. file format)
Sample Press Release and Publicity Statement

Project Images Form and Instructions
Guidance for Photographic Documentation  
Project Images Form
Project Images Form Instructions
Publicity Guidance