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ASAP Payment Management System Information

All Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grant recipients must use the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) system to access awarded grant funds. Within ASAP, funds are assigned account numbers partially based on the grant number of your award. The first step in accessing ASAP is to determine whether your organization is registered with ASAP or not and whether that registration includes the ability to receive funds from the National Park Service. If you have never registered with ASAP or if you have never received funds from the park service, you are a new recipient.

More information and important updates for all users may be found below.

Information for All Recipients

Grant recipients connect to through a secure connection. The minimum software/platform required to use is Windows 7 and above and a browser that supports TLS 1.2. Recipients using Windows XP or Vista or who use Internet Explorer versions released prior to 8.0 will not be able to access Configuration instructions for recipients who use Internet Explorer (versions 8.0 and higher), Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers have been provided by

If you have previously bookmarked for quick access, please make sure you are using the updated URL Older links to other versions of the site may no longer work.

Maintain your account by logging in at least every 90 days. If your account access is deactivated due to inactivity, please contact the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Department of the Treasury ASAP Help Desk. The help desk is open Monday to Friday, 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Central Time.

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ASAP Help Desk

Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Department of the Treasury
1-855-868-0151, option #2, then option #3 | Fax: 816-414-2120
Monday to Friday | 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Central Time

Information for New Recipients

Prior to setting up your ASAP account, all grant recipients MUST register in the System for Award Management (SAM). To register in SAM, go to If you have trouble registering in this system, please contact the SAM helpdesk directly. Registration in SAM is FREE; you should not pay anything to establish or maintain your SAM account. Registrations in now require a notarized letter; processing of these letters is may delay new and renewal registrations. provides a Quick Start Guide for new grantee registration that has helpful tips.

Regardless of whether you are registering with ASAP for the first time, or your organization has an ASAP account for other Federal agencies, you must complete and submit an NPS ASAP enrollment form and submit it to

Once the NPS–ASAP Enrollment Office has received your enrollment form, you will receive an email from ASAP.GOV with you listed as the Point of Contact (POC) for your organization.  You will also receive a User ID by email; however, your password will be sent to you via postal mail.  Alternately, after you receive your User ID, you may call 855-868-0151, option #2, then option #3 for ASAP to obtain a password over the phone. We encourage you to obtain the password by phone.

NOTE: As the POC, you may assign yourself to all roles within the system.  This will expedite the enrollment process. Once enrolled, you can reassign the roles to maintain a proper separation of duties.

You must complete the steps outlined here within 45 days of the ASAP Enrollment office contacting you. If you do not do so, your account will be deleted and you will have to start over from the beginning!

Requesting Payments

All Historic Preservation Fund grants are reimbursement grants; ordinarily, recipients must have incurred costs before drawing down Federal award funds. To draw funds, submit a payment request through ASAP. Payment requests should be limited to the amount of costs incurred during the payment period. Once you have initiated the drawdown within ASAP, funds will be pushed to your bank generally within one business day via Automated Clearing House (ACH). Faster same-day delivery of funds may be available via the Federal Reserve Wire Network (Fedwire). You can select the payment vehicle within the ASAP drawdown process.

General information on using ASAP and upcoming training sessions may be found at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service website.

There are also quick guides on:

If you need to return funds, you may do so in the ASAP system within 31 days of the drawdown. If more time has passed, contact your grant manager.

Information Needed to Draw Down Funds

  • Grant agreement
  • ASAP username and password with appropriate privileges
  • ASAP ID (also called Recipient ID); this is a 7 digit number
  • ASAP account ID; this is a combination of your grant number and 4-8 additional alphanumeric characters
For record keeping purposes, you may wish to complete a copy of the SF-270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement form to your NPS grant manager. The form is helpful in maintaining accurate financial records and may be required for recipients determined to be high or medium risk to submit in advance of drawing funds. Your grant agreement will outline if and when this form is required.

Additional Information for High Risk with Agency Review Awards

If your grant has been identified as High Risk with Agency Review, you must submit an SF-270 with supporting documentation to your grant manager. Then, submit a payment request in ASAP. Once the SF-270 and documentation are approved by your grant manager, the documentation will be sent to the National Park Service Accounting Operations Center. The Accounting Operations Center will configure ASAP to allow you to draw only the approved amount; ASAP may or may not notify you once this happens, so it is important to coordinate with your grant manager. Once ASAP has been configured to allow the draw, you may log in and draw down the funds.

Updating Information in ASAP

After an award is made, you may have an organizational need to change some of the information associated with your grant. Please note that changing your DUNS number or associated banking information can require NPS to cancel your award, resulting in the permanent loss of any remaining funding. If you anticipate needing to change your DUNS or banking information, these must be made first in and then in; never delete a record in without coordinating with your grant manager. Changing DUNS, DUNS+4, or banking information once an award has been made is risky; you should contact your grant manager well in advance of proposing changes to any of these three items.

You can make the following changes to your ASAP account as a grantee (Recipient Organization - RO):

  • DUNS - see note above
  • EIN
  • Recipient Organization Name
  • Recipient Organization ID
  • Add officials to an active Recipient Organization
If you would like to change or update officials for an active Recipient Organization (called Points of Contact (POCs) or the Head of Organization (HOO) by ASAP), NPS must review and approve the change. To make these changes, please take the following steps:
  1. Download and complete blocks 1 and 2 of the ASAP Recipient Organization Action Request Form
  2. Submit this request form to the NPS ASAP Help Desk
  3. NPS ASAP Help Desk will complete block 3 and return the form to you
  4. Prepare one letter on organizational letterhead outlining all requested changes and have the letter signed by an authorized official.
  5. Submit the form and the signed letter to US Department of the Treasury/Bureau of the Fiscal Service/

Renewing Registration

Grantees are required to maintain a current registration with as long as they have an active grant. Due to reported fraudulent activity in, renewing a registration now requires submitting a notarized letter. In addition to this change, users will also receive new usernames and passwords to log in to via The General Services Administration, which runs, has prepared a list of frequently asked questions. The Federal Service Desk provides assistance to accounts. You can contact them by telephone for assistance at 1-866-606-8220 or +1 334-206-7828.