Drakes Bay Oyster Company Special Use Permit: Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Public Comments

The National Park Service (NPS) released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for Drakes Bay Oyster Company Special Use Permit for public comment from September 23, 2011, to December 9, 2011. During this time, three public open house meetings were held at different locations in the vicinity of the park. The public was encouraged to submit comments on the DEIS through the National Park Service's Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) web site. Comments by individuals were also accepted at the meetings, by postal mail, and in person at the park. More than 52,000 pieces of correspondence were received during the comment period. Below is the Preliminary Content Analysis Report for the correspondence received during this period and all original pieces of correspondence.

Preliminary Content Analysis Report (66 KB PDF)

Correspondence ID by Author Index (3,641 KB PDF)
This report is organized alphabetically by the author's last name then first name, correspondence ID, correspondence type (web form or hard copy), city, and state.

Correspondence ID by Organization Type Indices
These reports provide listings of all groups that submitted comments arranged by government agency, non-profit organization, and business. In each index, the organizations are listed alphabetically with the corresponding author's name, correspondence ID, city, and state.

Correspondence ID by Government Agency Index (8 KB PDF)
Correspondence ID by Non-Profit Organization Index (27 KB PDF)
Correspondence ID by Business Index (17 KB PDF)

All 52,473 pieces of correspondence are included below. Correspondence ID numbers have generally been grouped in bundles of 1000 and are available in the format they were originally submitted, either web format or hard copy. If a letter was submitted in both web format and hard copy, in most cases, the hard copy version is provided.

Formal notifications by the NPS announcing the public comment period for the DEIS included the following text:

We [the National Park Service] will not accept bulk comments in any format (hard copy or electronic) submitted on behalf of others.

On multiple occasions during the comment period, letters were delivered to the National Park Service in bulk form. The individuals who delivered the bulk comments were informed that letters submitted on behalf of others would not be included in the correspondence received during the public comment period. These bulk comments are not included below.

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How Do I Find My Correspondence?

If you would like to find your individual correspondence, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the Correspondence ID by Author Index to look up the Correspondence ID for a particular author. This report is organized by the author's last name.
  2. Use the Correspondence ID to find the full correspondence by either web format or hard copy. The Correspondence List is organized by Correspondence ID.
ID Numbers

Web Form

Hard Copy

00001-00999 1,802 KB PDF 3,856 KB PDF
01000-01999 1,774 KB PDF n/a
02000-02999 1,807 KB PDF n/a
03000-03999 1,793 KB PDF 274 KB PDF
04000-04999 1,818 KB PDF 593 KB PDF
05000-05999 1,898 KB PDF n/a
06000-06999 1,894 KB PDF n/a
07000-07999 1,967 KB PDF n/a
08000-08999 1,944 KB PDF n/a
09000-09999 1,925 KB PDF n/a
10000-10999 1,985 KB PDF n/a
11000-11999 1,959 KB PDF 75 KB PDF
12000-12999 2,031 KB PDF 108 KB PDF
13000-13999 1,747 KB PDF n/a
14000-14999 1,899 KB PDF n/a
15000-15999 1,770 KB PDF n/a
16000-16999 1,697 KB PDF n/a
17000-17999 1,474 KB PDF n/a
18000-18999 1,407 KB PDF n/a
19000-19999 1,466 KB PDF n/a
20000-20999 1,412 KB PDF n/a
21000-21999 1,359 KB PDF n/a
22000-22999 1,344 KB PDF n/a
23000-23999 1,406 KB PDF n/a
24000-24999 1,439 KB PDF n/a
25000-25999 1,456 KB PDF n/a
26000-26999 1,378 KB PDF n/a
27000-27999 1,374 KB PDF n/a
28000-28999 1,565 KB PDF n/a
29000-29999 1,589 KB PDF n/a
30000-30999 1,581 KB PDF n/a
31000-31999 1,861 KB PDF 1,981 KB PDF
32000-32999 1,394 KB PDF n/a
33000-33999 1,509 KB PDF n/a
34000-34999 1,251 KB PDF n/a
35000-35999 1,290 KB PDF n/a
36000-36999 1,299 KB PDF n/a
37000-37999 1,297 KB PDF n/a
38000-38999 1,303 KB PDF n/a
39000-39999 1,291 KB PDF n/a
40000-40999 1,314 KB PDF n/a
41000-41999 1,301 KB PDF n/a
42000-42999 1,303 KB PDF n/a
43000-43999 1,317 KB PDF n/a
44000-44999 1,327 KB PDF n/a
45000-45999 1,358 KB PDF n/a
46000-46999 1,340 KB PDF n/a
47000-47999 1,425 KB PDF n/a
48000-48999 1,567 KB PDF 15,686 KB PDF
49000-49999 799 KB PDF 28,100 KB PDF
50000-50999 990 KB PDF 18,175 KB PDF
51000-51999 2,456 KB PDF 14,934 KB PDF
52000-52025 n/a 36,491 KB PDF
52026-52050 n/a 143,958 KB PDF
52051-52099 n/a 4,112 KB PDF
52100-52199 n/a 11,409 KB PDF
52200-52299 n/a 15,151 KB PDF
52300-52399 n/a 14,511 KB PDF
52400-52473 n/a 13,038 KB PDF

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Comments recorded on flip charts during Public Meetings:

A total of 275 people attended the three meetings (151 people attended the meeting at Point Reyes Station, 54 attended the meeting in San Francisco, and 70 attended the meeting in Mill Valley). Some people attended more than one meeting.

Attendees at the three public meetings were able to provide verbal comments. Flip charts were set up at each venue to record these comments. As a comment sheet was filled, it was posted on a wall at the meeting venue, so that all comments could be read by meeting attendees. Comments from each meeting were entered into PEPC as a single piece of correspondence. In other words, there is one piece of correspondence representing all of the comments submitted on the flip charts from first public meeting in Point Reyes Station (Correspondence ID 133), one piece of correspondence representing the comments recorded on flip charts at the San Francisco meeting (Correspondence ID 134), and a third piece of correspondence representing the comments recorded on flip charts at the Mill Valley meeting (Correspondence ID 137). Images of the flip chart comments may be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Now that the public comment period has closed, the National Park Service is in the process of analyzing comments, conducting further analysis as needed, and preparing the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). We anticipate completing the FEIS in the summer of 2012.

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Last updated: February 28, 2015

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