Lighthouse Keepers' Log

A year at the Lighthouse Station at Point Reyes...

January 21st 1888

John C. Ryan took charge of this station as Principal Keeper. Ed Chamberlin left station. James Tookey, First Assistant; George Hussey, Second Assistant; James Nightwire 3rd Assistant.

"In taking charge of this station I must say, that it is broken, filthy, and almost a total wreck from end to end of it. In the worst condition in every particular of any station I ever saw, in fact it is more like an old saw mill than a light station, John C. Ryan"

"For my short stay at this station previous to this date, I certify to the above statement being correct." James Nightwire, 3rd Assistant.

January 22, 1888

Clearing around dwelling

Signal in use

January 23, 1888

Repairing lamp burners

Signal in use

January 24, 1888

Cleaning around dwelling

Signal in use

January 25, 1888

Cleaning and repairing in dwelling

Signal in use

January 26, 1888

Repairing governor of Siren Engine

Signal in use

January 27, 1888

Repairing governor in signal

Signal in use

January 28, 1888

Repairing governor in signal

Signal in use

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February 1, 1888

Repairing in Signal

Mr. Valentine from Engineers office at Station

February 2, 1888

Put new blowcock and pipe in new boiler, took down valve and chamber of south siren

February 3, 1888

Repairing new boiler and cleaned her out, found her very dirty.

Filled her up and is in good order

February 4, 1888

Overhauling lens machinery. Put in a new cock in water pipe near tower, bought by keeper

February 5, 1888

Hussey Family at Station

February 6, 1888

Repairing Reservation gate, fence and steam siren. Made one piston pin

February 7, 1888

Repairing siren with new piston pin and pet cock pipes. Repaired flag staff

February 8, 1888

Put new apron and pipe on top of lens in tower. Changed and cleaned burners

February 9, 1888

Overhauled and cleaned clock machinery in tower. Cleaned up coal house

February 10, 1888

Gauge dock pipe in new boiler blew out. Repairing in siren

February 11, 1888

Running siren

February 12, 1888


February 13, 1888

Put 2 new belts in north siren and packed top of it with sheet lead and canvas

February 14, 1888

Cleaning in tower and putting down coal

February 15, 1888

Cleaned lens. Received cow from Mr. Murphy.

Repaired battery and put in good working order

February 16, 1888

Signal in use

February 17, 1888

Supplies and two carpenters arrived by Madrona and groceries for keeper from S. Foster

February 18, 1888

Carpenters repairing windows in dwelling and making a workshop. Put up new range in Keepers kitchen

February 19, 1888

J Bartlett at Station

February 20, 1888

Carpenters repairing windows and doors.

Took gauge pipe out of new boiler. Bartlett gone

February 21, 1888

Carpenters repairing windows. Keeper repairing signal.

Put in new lamps and s. valve cords

February 22, 1888

Carpenters repairing windows. Coal tarred smoke stack and repaired old one

February 23, 1888

Carpenters repaired dwelling gutters.

February 24, 1888

Carpenters repairing windows in dwelling. 1st Assistant off station 1 pm to 5 pm.

February 25, 1888

Carpenters repairing windows in oil room door.

Keepers repairing in signal, windows and tower umbrella.

February 26, 1888

Sunday. Signal in use.

February 27, 1888

Repairing doors and windows in signal.

February 28, 1888

Carpenters making bosces [sic] for lens and lantern cover.

February 29, 1888

Changing burners and cleaning lantern glass

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March 1, 1888

Carpenters repairing tower lantern umbrella. Making stepladder. Asst. washing lantern inside.

March 2, 1888

Carpenters making ladders for tower and putting down lumber. Keeper and asst. washing and painting inside lantern.

March 3, 1888

Carpenters repairing Shirle [sic] 1st asst. off station 8 am to 5 pm . Painting lantern inside.

March 4, 1888

2nd asst. off station 12 to 5 pm. A severe shock of earthquake at 1 am.

March 5, 1888

2nd asst. off station 9 am. Keeper repaired water tank pipe. Cleaned up signal.

March 6, 1888

Carpenters building Shirle [sic]. Keepers scrubbing and painting inside of tower, 2nd asst. returned at 7 pm.

March 7, 1888

Carpenters building Shirle [sic]. Keepers scrubbing and painting inside of tower.

March 8, 1888

Carpenters making wheelbarrow for Signal.

March 9, 1888

Carpenters repairing windows and doors in 1st asst. quarters. Keepers paining and cleaning lens and axle for wheelbarrow.

March 10, 1888

Carpenters repairing shute [sic] and reservation gate, Keepers painting lens and making bolts for shute [sic]

March 11, 1888

Sch. John Frederick at coal house. Keeper at gov't landing receiving supplies from schnr.

March 12, 1888

Carpenters repairing Shute [sic], Keepers painting in tower and making bolts for shute.

March 13, 1888

Carpenters repairing shute. Keepers painting in tower and putting [sic] oil cups on siren. Inspector at Station 4 pm. Inspected everything and went away well Pleased. A tinner arrived at 4 pm.

March 14, 1888

Carpenters at shute [sic], made vice bench in signal. Tinner roofing keepers kitchen. Keepers repairing siren.

March 15, 1888

Carpenters repairing fence near dwelling. Roofing keepers kitchen.

March 16, 1888

Carpenters repairing fence near dwelling. Putting down coal. Keepers put down 226 sacks of coal.

March 17, 1888

Carpenters building shute [sic] near tower. Tinner at kitchen repairs and making siren grip.

March 18, 1888

Mr. William White Carpenter and John J. Richardson Tinsmith left station at 6pm.

March 19, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic] Put new gauge cocks and glass in boiler, Cleaned lens

March 20, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic]. 2nd asst. overhauled lens truck wheels. Keeper repairing signal.

March 21, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic]. Keeper painting and repairing in signal.

March 22, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic] keepers painting and repairing in signal. Moved steam gauges to a group

March 23, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic]. Keepers painting and repairing in signal. Blew down new boiler.

March 24, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic].

March 25, 1888

Lamp burner in the tower got out of order, short wicks, Mr. Hatch and wife at station.

March 26, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic]. Changed lamp burner in tower, painting in signal.

March 27, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic]. Keepers repairing and painting in signal.

March 28, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic]. Keepers repairing and painting in signal, scarping walls to paint.

March 29, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic] 3rd asst. with carpenter.

March 30, 1888

Mr. Henson building shute [sic]. Keepers repairing and painting in signal. Put up a patron in carpenters shop.

March 31, 1888

Cleaning in signal and repairing storehouse to keep supplies.

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April 1, 1888

Mr. Hansen carpenter left station at 9 pm, 2nd asst. left for at 9 pm

April 2, 1888

Put new pet valves and tallow cup on north siren to make them operate from the bottom on piston of top instead

April 3, 1888

Stowing up the storehouse on top of steps, repairing fence near dwelling

April 4, 1888

Repairing fence around dwelling, at 9:30 pm was called out to the tower, light going out, Lamp plunger slipping.

April 5, 1888

Changed lamps in tower. Old Lamp Very Dirty. Old burner very dirty.

April 6, 1888

Built a new milk room in cellar of keepers quarters. Clearing away old rubbish in shute [sic].

April 7, 1888

Cleaning in tower and signal.

April 8, 1888

Keeper left station at 11am for Olema.

April 9, 1888

Cleaning out blacksmith shop. Keeper returned at 3 pm.

April 10, 1888

Building an addition to the blacksmith shop. 3rd asst. left station for Olema at 8 am.

April 11, 1888

Mixed some white wash. 3rd asst. returned at 2 pm.

April 12, 1888

Repaired pump in Keepers kitchen and painted milk room in cellar.

April 13, 1888

Siren in use and working first class order.

April 14, 1888

Papers arrived dismissing J. Twohey from the Service, 3rd asst. reports 1st asst. in writing to the Keeper.

April 15, 1888


April 16, 1888

At 9 am gave Mr. Twohey his papers dismissing him from the Lighthouse Service. M.J. Ryan assigned to duty as Substitute in Mr. Twohey's place.

April 17, 1888

Repaired steam pipe of S. siren and scraped walls of Signal Building.

April 18, 1888

Repaired North siren, Nightwires Furniture left by F. Hussey.

April 19, 1888

Repaired north siren and paiting signal outside.

April 20, 1888

James Twohey left with wife and traps at 12:30 pm after 7 years, 10 months and 16 days at this station.

April 21, 1888

Painting signal and cleaning tower. 3rd asst. at Ranch 2 pm to 4 pm.

April 22, 1888

Signal in use.

April 23, 1888

Signal in use.

April 24, 1888

Overhauled siren that was out of repair and put her all right again.

April 25, 1888

Overhauled north siren engine and cleaned lense by Hussey and Mikie.

April 26, 1888

Overhauled north siren engine and put her on a new gardener governor.

April 27, 1888

Siren got again out of repair. Keeper partly sick with piles.

April 28, 1888

Changed burners in tower, with new wicks in the same one taken off.

April 29, 1888

Signal in use

April 30, 1888

Put a new set screw in Siren valve. She works all right.

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May 1, 1888

Repairing battery and cleaning in signal. Keeper at his reports.

May 2, 1888

Repairing and cleaning in tower. Received two new burners for lamp in tower.

May 3, 1888

Signal in use. Keeper partly under the weather with piles.

May 4, 1888

Cleaning around quarters.

May 5, 1888

Mixing paint. Keeper nearly all right again, on Dock.

May 6, 1888

Keeper and 2nd asst. at government landing. 12m to 2:30 pm and Annie.

May 7, 1888

Put new rope on tower machinery. Cleaning and painting in signal.

May 8, 1888

Painting signal building, 2 men repairing in signal.

May 9, 1888

Hussey off station 9 am to 11 am. Repairing in signal.

May 10, 1888

Cleaned lense and bright work. Captain Meade from S.F. Partner visiting.

May 11, 1888

Painting signal building and men making scaffolding for to scrape paint same.

May 12, 1888

Scraping signal building N.E.

May 13, 1888

Visitors at Station. Received south siren castings.

May 14, 1888

Putting up castings on south siren. Assts. painting signal building.

May 15 -16 - 17- 18, 1888

Keeper fitting up on south siren. Assts. painting signal building.

May 19, 1888

Whitewashing and cleaning in and around signal.

May 20, 1888

Geo A Hussey and J. Nightwire promoted from 2nd and 3rd assts. to 1st and 2nd assts.

May 21, 1888

Got up steam and tested by running South Siren with her new valve and pistons. She works fine.

May 22, 1888

Painted old boiler and S. Siren 2nd assts. whitewashing near signal.

May 23, 1888

Coal tarred smokestack and signal white washed coalhouse, posts and railings around.

May 24, 1888

Painted oil room, black railing near tower, and whitewashed water tank. 2 men. 1 day.

May 25, 1888

Painted top of water tank and ladder. Whitewashing fence and blacksmith shop.

May 26, 1888

Painted carpenter shop and lime house.

May 27, 1888


May 28, 1888

Painted carpenter shop and whitewashed fence between dwelling and blacksmiths shop.

May 29, 1888

Telegraph men started to lay the wire from this Station to San Francisco.

May 30, 1888

Signal in use. 1st asst. to Olema at 7 am.

May 31, 1888

Signal in use. Madrona passed north about 7:15 pm. 1st asst. returned at 6pm.

John C. Ryan Keeper

Geo. A. Hussey 1st Asst.

J. Nightwire 2nd Asst.

M.J. Ryan Substitute

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June 1, 1888

Very foggy.

June 2nd, 1888

Very foggy last night. At 2 am the south siren got bunged up on Hussey and changed off to right one.

June 3, 1888

Madrona gone south about 11 am and got fine salute with siren.

June 4, 1888

Kate Field at station last night and left at 1:30 pm. 2nd asst. off station to Point Reyes 5 am to 6 pm.

June 5, 1888

Took steam cutter off south siren, it had four cogs broke, cleaned lens.

June 6, 1888

Overhauled battery and put it in working order. 1st asst. left for S.F. with disk at 5 am.

June 7, 1888

Whitewashing fence near dwelling around keepers yard.

June 8, 1888

Madrona arrived in port at 8 am, brought a new medicine chest and took old one away.

June 9, 1888

Put up siren castings. She is ready for use. Took down tower and signal clocks.

June 10, 1888

A beautiful day in general.

June 11, 1888

Whitewashing and put up a hitching post near dwelling.

June 12, 1888

Got one load of supplies for station. Mr. Burdell and Mr. Feather from signal office, at station.

June 13, 1888

Stowing away supplies.

June 14, 1888

No work. Fog in. Asst. complaining off [sic] doing too much work. Mikie left for Farallones with new lens cover.

June 15, 1888

Cleaning bright work in the tower and lense. Inspector at station 7 to 8 pm.

June 16, 1888

Cleaning tools in carpenter shop.

June 17, 1888


June 18, 1888

Whitewashing shute [sic] between coal house and signal, by orders of Comdr. Ludlow.

June 19, 1888

Whitewashing the shute [sic] and steps.

June 20, 1888

Whitewashing shute [sic] between coal house and signal and finished.

June 21, 1888

Whitewashing steep steps below coal house and the lower end of the upper shute [sic].

June 22, 1888

Siren in use at intervals.

June 23, 1888

South siren got disabled at 6:05 pm. 2nd asst. on watch. 1st asst. left for Olema at 6am. 2nd asst. went after him with a dispatch for Inspector Engineer. Returned at 6 pm.

June 24, 1888

Mr. Black of Madrona and Mr. Schroder, Machinist arrived at station at 2:30 am. We put up a new 10 inch whistle and sent cutter of siren away to the shop for repairs.

June 25, 1888

Took inside cutter off south siren, took all the loose iron out, took out old one and put in new brass pipe for oil cup leading through siren. Mr. Schroder arrived at 3 pm with siren.

June 26, 1888

Put south siren top castings on.

June 27, 1888

Repairing around sirens and cleaning up in signal.

June 28, 1888

Mr. Schroder, Keeper, 2nd asst. putting sirens together.

June 29, 1888

Whitewashing steps near coalhouse.

June 30, 1888

Mr. Schroder and Keeper repairing sirens. 2nd asst. off station 9 am to 4 pm. 1st asst. finished steps.

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July 1, 1888

Keeper making out reports. Clear weather.

July 2, 1888

Changed burners overhauled battery and repairing sirens with machinist.

July 3, 1888

Machinist, Keeper, and 2nd asst. at Sirens 1st asst. at Pt. Reyes R.R. Station 6 am to 6 pm with mail.

July 4, 1888

Machinist, Keeper, and 2nd asst. at sirens. 1st asst. at Ranch 10 am to 2 pm. Fog in.

July 5, 1888

Cleaning in tower and 2nd asst. complaining of work.

July 6, 1888

Machinist and all keepers at sirens.

July 7, 1888

2nd asst. at sirens. Keeper and 1st asst. mixing paint and whitewash.

July 8, 1888

Fine day. A team here for 2nd asst. here and sent it back empty.

July 9, 1888

Finishing up at sirens. Cleaned lens. Mr. R.F. Schroder left station about 6 pm.

July 10, 1888

Cleaning and painting sirens. 2nd asst. off at Pt. Reyes 5 am to 7 pm.

July 11, 1888

Putting down coal from the top of the hill.

July 12, 1888

Painted top of tower lantern, gallery, rails, and ladder (Hussey came home sick.)

July 13, 1888

Whitewashing around dwellings and putting hinges on gates.

Madrona in port.

July 14, 1888

3rd asst. David L. Feather arrived at 3 pm. Whitewashing around dwelling.

July 15, 1888


July 16, 1888

David L. Feather assigned to duty.

July 17, 1888

Repairing N and S siren, a spring broke in the cup of piston.

July 18, 1888

Signal in use and overhauling pump for top of large cistern.

July 19, 1888

Signal in use and overhauling battery for top of large cistern.

July 20, 1888

At 4 am a spring broke in cup of S. S. piston.

July 21, 1888

Signal in use. A bark on shore at 3 am about 3 miles north of station.

July 22, 1888

2nd asst. left for city on leave of absence [sic] 11 am and family.

July 23, 1888

Put coal down and overhauling machinery. The tug Whitelaw visited wreck.

July 24, 1888

Signal in use.

July 25, 1888

Repairing force pump for the top of the cistern. Cleaned up in signal and put coal down.

July 26, 1888

Repairing force pump for top of cistern and mixing paint.

July 27, 1888

Repairing force pump and overhauling tools.

July 28, 1888

Painted front room in Keepers quarters. 3rd asst. off station at Pt. Reyes 5 am to 7 pm.

July 29, 1888

Signal in use. 2nd asst. returned from city 5 pm.

July 30, 1888

Signal in use, some overhauling North engine governor, it would not work last night.

July 31, 1888

Overhauling South Siren, putting on new gardener governor and changed burners.

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August 1, 1888

Put up a new gardener governor on south engine.

August 2, 1888

Overhauling south siren and cleaning lens.

August 3, 1888

Put coal down, overhauling battery and adjusting south siren governor.

August 4, 1888

Put 2 brass pieces on south siren valve and overhauling battery.

August 5, 1888

Comdr. Nicol Ludlow Inspector arrived at 8 am. Inspected station thoroughly and seemed pleased.

August 6, 1888

Whitewashing around cottages of keepers.

August 7, 1888

3rd asst. kalsoming his quarters. Signal in use, Keeper overhauling governor.

August 8, 1888

Signal in use.

August 9, 1888

Put some coal down. 1st asst. to city for 4 days leave at 5 am.

August 10, 1888

1st asst. and 2nd asst. put some coal down 10 to 12 am. Signal in use.

August 11, 1888

Keeper and 3rd asst. overhauling battery and made it work. 1st asst. returned at 9 pm.

August 12, 1888

3rd asst. volunteer, running tower watch 12 am every night to 5 am and no signal watch til he learn signal.

August 13, 1888

Painting and whitewashing around dwelling and in it. Finished w.washing at dwelling.

August 14, 1888

Put a copper gasket on S.R.S.

August 15, 1888

Cleaned out rainshed, put coal down and running siren.

August 16, 1888

Overhauled valve of s. siren and out a new piece on it - brass.

August 17, 1888

2nd asst. sick. Put coal down and packed sirens.

August 18, 1888

Cleaning in signal.

August 19, 1888


August 20, 1888

Overhauled north siren pet pipes and pit coal down (S.S. working good)

August 21, 1888

Overhauled south siren pet pipes and oil cups. Put coal down.

August 22, 1888

Repairing shute [sic] near signal and running sirens. Both sirens working fine.

August 23, 1888

Made 2 new pins for north siren piston. 3rd asst. off station to city 7 am. 1st asst. got hand hurt.

August 24, 1888

Overhauling new boiler. 3rd asst. returned at 12 mer.

August 25, 1888

Overhauling sirens. 2nd and 3rd asst. put coal down. North siren in use and working splendid.

August 26, 1888

Siren in use.

August 27, 1888

Put a new rope in tower clock machine and changed burners.

August 28, 1888

Overhauling bells and battery.

August 29, 1888

Changed lamp in the tower and overhauled N. siren governor. Signal in use and working fine.

August 30, 1888

Packing sirens and put down coal. 3rd asst. doing no work but stand 6 hours watch.

August 31, 1888

Overhauling governors. 3rd asst. helped to put down some coal. Sirens working in first class order.

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September 1, 1888

Overhauling in signal. Left 15 inches in cistern, 4 ft. for use in tank 2 inches. Siren broke on 1st asst. about 5 pm and the Keeper worked till 12 mid repairing.

2nd and 3rd put some coal down.

September 2, 1888


September 3, 1888

Overhauled both sirens with new gaskets and freed the steam port on the south siren.

September 4, 1888

Putting down mineral oil near the tower. 2nd asst. at Olema 6 am to 5 pm.

September 5, 1888

Putting down mineral oil near tower and cleaned lens and signal.

September 6, 1888

At 6:30 pm S. siren shafting got heated up and She would not work. Changed off to north siren.

September 7, 1888

Overhauled and put siren all right for work. 3rd asst. stowed away last of the mineral oil in paint shop.

September 8, 1888

Putting coal down and cleaned in signal.

September 9, 1888

3rd asst. put down 9 sacks of coal. 1st asst. off station at Olema 6 am and San Rafael with hand sore.

September 10, 1888

Overhauled north siren throttle valve and put new gaskets on its siren. 1st asst. returned at 3 pm.

September 11, 1888

Keeper overhauling sirens and boiler. 2nd asst. making pins. 3rd asst. put 12 sacks coal. 1st asst. only stands watch in tower. A schooner ashore 2 miles south of light station.

September 12, 1888

Keeper running sirens and packing same. 1st asst. cleaning in lens. 3rd put down some coal.

September 13, 1888

Put coal down and cleaned in signal. 3rd asst. off station at 7 am to Pt. Reyes to see doctor.

September 14, 1888

Put up new battery. Cleaned in signal and tower. Cleaned out Keepers cistern.

September 15, 1888

Rained 2 feet last night. Made 2 measuring rods for cistern. 1st asst. cleaning in tower. Johnnie Ryan telegraphing to Feather in Olema. Water in cistern raised two feet last night and dwelling cistern one ft. Available 4 ft.

September 16, 1888

One gasket blew out of each siren and repaired both. Keeper and 2nd asst.

September 17, 1888

1st asst. left station at 11 am to see a doctor and lost a letter to Inspector. Mr. Hussey hauled first load of water 250 gallons, acting substitute Fred Hussey.

September 18, 1888

Put down coal, 2nd asst. left off doing duty at 6 am. 1st asst. returned at 5 pm. J.F. Ryan, 1st asst. at Farallon arrived at 5 pm.

September 19, 1888

Cleaning in signal.

September 20, 1888

James Nightwire 2nd asst. left station at 1 pm. Transferred and promoted as 1st asst. at Pigeon Point.

September 21, 1888

Put down coal.

September 22, 1888

L.L. Feather 3rd asst. and operator, came on station, packed up, brought a sub resigned and left at 3pm.

September 23, 1888

J.F. Ryan 1st asst. from Farallon left here at 11 am. Patrick A. Campbell commenced as sub for 2nd asst.

September 24, 1888

Painted watch room in tower and scrubbed signal floor.

September 25, 1888

Keeper painting dwelling window and shutters. 1st asst. and subs cleaning in signal and sawing wood.

September 26, 1888

Signal in use.

September 27, 1888

Major Hauser, Lt. House Engineer arrived at 7 am. Inspected station and left at 9 am.

September 28, 1888

Putting down coal and cleaning at station.

September 29, 1888

Putting down coal and cleaning around tower.

September 30, 1888

Putting down coal. Sub. off station 10 am to 3 pm at Hatches for mail.

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October 1, 1888

Making out reports, putting down coal.

October 2, 1888

Put coal down and made 2 bolts for siren.

October 3, 1888

J. L. Bartlett arrived at 12 mer. and is on watch in tower as Campbells sub who left for city at 2 pm.

October 4, 1888

Bartlett on duty at sub. Charles E. Smails arrived at 11 am as 3rd asst. and operator.

October 5, 1888

Bartlett on duty as sub. Charles E. Smails assigned to duty at 12 am.

October 6, 1888

Bartlett on duty as sub. John W. Sullivan arrived as 2nd asst. at 2 pm.

October 7, 1888

John W. Sullivan assigned to duty at 12 am.

October 8, 1888

Bartlett left and P.A. Campbell called down to repair sirens by Mr. Smails at 2 pm.

October 9, 1888

1st and 3rd asst. repairing in signal. Keeper and 2nd asst. sealing tower outside.

October 10, 1888

All hands sealing tower and priming it red.

October 11, 1888

All hands painting tower to 2 pm. Mr. Lewis at Station.

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October 12, 1888

Keeper painting tower. Assts. cleaning in tower. Smails sick partly.

October 13, 1888

All hands painting tower.

October 14, 1888


October 15, 1888

Put down coal. Keeper and 2nd asst., 1st asst. at signal, 3rd asst. cleaned up around coal pile.

October 16, 1888

All hands painting tower outside and finished. Mr. Longley at station.

October 17, 1888

Changed burner in tower and mixed paint.

October 18, 1888

Painting tower inside, all hands.

October 19, 1888

Painting tower inside, all hands.

October 20, 1888

Painting tower inside, all hands.

October 21, 1888

Fine day. Mr. Keefe, Mr. Monahan and 3 men arrived at 1 pm to work on station. Cleaned lense three times and bright work 7 times. Overhauled north siren.

October 23, 1888

Mr. Keefe and all his men working around dwelling.

October 24, 1888

Painting tower inside. Pat Campbell and Young Crandall come work.

October 25, 1888

Painting tower inside.

October 26, 1888

Painting tower and finished.

October 27, 1888

Cleaning in tower and signal. Fine day. Hatch took 25 cans.

October 28, 1888


October 29, 1888

Painting dwelling window shutters green. and 6 men repairing yards, sewers, doors.

October 30, 1888

Keeper and 2nd asst. painting windows. Operator doing nothing. A bark ashore about 6 miles north of station. She got off and sailed away about 2 pm.

October 31, 1888

Whitewashing dwelling and cellars and yard and fence, Mr. Keefe and men repairing in general.

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November 1, 1888

All hands painting and whitewashing in dwelling. Mr. Keefe and men 2 carpenters repairing. 1 plasterer and 2 laborers. McVey left.

November 2, 1888

Cleaning around dwelling. Chas. E. Smails left station at 7 am for city on Madrona.

November 3, 1888

Cleaning around dwelling, cleaned lens. Pat Campbell acting as "sub" for Smails since 12 am.

November 4, 1888

Fine day. Supt. Keefe and Merv working.

November 5, 1888

Painting dwelling window shutters and whitewashing around dwelling. Mr. Keefe and 3 men left at 6 pm.

November 6, 1888

Republican keeper and Pat Campbell at polls to vote 7 am to 2 pm. 1st Asst. off station to vote at 12 m. to 6 pm.

November 7, 1888

Painting dwelling inside and whitewashing shed opposite dwelling.

November 8, 1888

Painting dwelling and steps to railing to Signal.

November 9, 1888

Painting dwelling outside, whitewashing fences. J.L. Bartlett at station.

November 10, 1888

Painting fences near dwelling. J.L. Bartlett left 8 am.

November 11, 1888


November 12, 1888

Cleaning in tower and signal keeper painting dwelling.

November 13, 1888

Cleaning in tower and putting down coal. Keeper overhauling north siren governor.

November 14, 1888

Cleaning in signal. Put new rope on tower machinery. Keeper and 2nd asst. painting in Keepers Kitchen.

November 15, 1888

Painting in Keepers Kitchen and 1st Asst. cleaning in signal.

November 16, 1888

Campbell at Landing and ranch for mail. Keeper and 1st asst. at signal.

November 17, 1888

Putting down coal. Overhauled Journals of North Engine.

November 18, 1888

Signal in use.

November 19, 1888

Put down coal.

November 20, 1888

Put down coal. Signal in use.

November 21, 1888

Put down coal and cleaning in tower.

November 22, 1888

Painting in Keepers quarters and cleaning in signal.

November 23, 1888

Painting in dwelling and cleaning fog signal. Keeper off station at Point Reyes 11am. Returned at 4 pm.

November 24, 1888

Fog in 1 to 6 pm.

November 25, 1888

Putting down coal.

November 26, 1888

Changed burners in tower. Blew down and washed out boiler and put in new gauge glass.

November 27, 1888

Painting dwelling outside. 3 men. Mr. Dundon and Dyer at station about new boiler.

November 28, 1888

Painting dwelling. Campbell mixing whitewash.

November 29, 1888

Thanksgiving - No work.

November 30, 1888

Whitewashing around dwelling and cleaning in tower.

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