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National Leadership Council



The National Leadership Council (NLC) was reorganized in July 2011 as a representative body of managers from the National Park Service that meets to achieve alignment, consultation, and coordination regarding the issues facing the Service.  It is not a decision making body, but provides advice, input, and opportunity for debate and open analysis of issues. It consists of the Director, deputy directors, the Chief of Staff, all associate and assistant directors, all regional directors, all SES superintendents, the Albright and both Bevinetto Fellows, one superintendent from each grades 12-15, and one additional program lead from each associate directorate. The NLC meets twice yearly in Washington, DC.  For more information, see



NLC Journal



The NLC Journal was a report issued periodically by the National Leadership Council to all National Park Service employees. The issues noted below have been distributed electronically, with notices posted on the Morning Report; supervisors also have made hard copies available. Previous editions of the NLC Journal are archived at  For more recent records of NLC meetings, contact



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