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Sitka National Historical Park (January 14, 2013)- The Sitka Ranger District of the Tongass National Forest and Sitka National Historical Park will showcase two new films about the Tongass National Forest on Thursday, January 24th at the park's Visitor Center Theater.   

Discovering the Tongass and Landscape of Change:

 These two films feature the extraordinary landscapes, wildlife and people of the largest National Forest in the U.S. They showcase diverse landscapes - from dense, green rainforests to stark, glowing-blue glaciers - all filmed from land, air and sea in gorgeous high definition cinematography. Experience the Tongass from the top of old growth trees to caves hidden deep beneath their roots. Travel to rivers where bears and eagles feast on spawning salmon. View whales moving through the Inside Passage; thousands of snow geese migrating to river deltas; sea lions frolicking among spring's breaking ice. Meet the people of the Tongass, including a native Tlingit family preparing salmon at their smokehouse and a weaver creating traditional robes from mountain goat wool. Capturing the full spectrum of modern life in today's Tongass - the films feature a team of scientists studying changes in ice fields and glaciers, and a native Haida village, where carvers create a totem pole and the community comes together raising it in celebration.  

 A copy of the DVD containing both of these films will be available for a $10 donation.  Proceeds will go to the US Forest Service for AV enhancement.

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