An introduction to restoration genetics.

Donald A. Falk
University of Arizona and
Society for Ecological Restoration

Eric E. Knapp
U.S. Geological Survey

Edgar O. Guerrant
Berry Botanic Garden

Prepared by the
Society for Ecological Restoration
November 2001

Plant Conservation Alliance
Bureau of Land Management, US Department of Interior

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Acknowledgments. Major funding for this project was provided by Plant Conservation Alliance and the Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Response Team. Thanks to Peggy Olwell (Bureau of Land Management, Plant Conservation Alliance), Sally Brown (US Department of Agriculture and University of Washington), and Scott Fredericks (US Environmental Protection Agency) for their encouragement and assistance in initiating this project. Steve Gatewood (SER) gave helpful comments on an earlier version. Steve Caicco, Jennifer Lippert, Teresa Presdusi, and Mike Williams pointed us to relevant literature and resources. This paper is a project of the Society for Ecological Restoration, with support from the agencies listed above.

D.A.F., Tucson, AZ
E.E.K. Three Rivers, CA
E.O.G., Portland, OR

November 2001