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Restoration Working Group

Millions of acres of natural landscapes throughout the country have been disturbed beyond the point of return. The ecological balance of these sites has been upset by many agents including exotic species invasions, mining, toxic waste dumping, abandoned roadways, recreational uses, fire suppression followed by devastating forest fires, stream and river degradation, overuse of range lands, illegal off-highway vehicle use, utility installation and military training missions.

The mission of the Plant Conservation Alliance's Restoration Working Group (RWG) is to facilitate the implementation of numerous successful restoration projects throughout the country. RWG has developed action items in the areas of Federal Policies and Guidelines, Funding, Research, Resources, Prevention, and Public Outreach.

Membership in the Restoration Working Group is open to all interested individuals, organizations, and agencies. The Chair of RWG, Greg Eckert of the National Park Service, can be e-mailed at RWG also has an e-mail discussion list.

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Last Updated: 6 December 2004