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Ageratina altissima v. altissimaAgeratina altissima v. altissima
(Eupatorium rugosum)

white snakeroot

Photograph(s) by*: USFWS BES, UWI KJS


Height: 1-5'
Flowers: Jul.-Oct.; white
Fruit: capsule

Conditions *

Ageratina altissima v. altissimaLight: Full sun Partial shade Shade
Moisture: Dry Moist
Soil pH:
Soil type: Clay Loamy Sandy Organic


rich woods, thickets, clearings, meadows

Native to

Region: Coastal Piedmont Mountain *
States: MD NY


Butterfly Songbird Beneficial insect *


tough plant; cultivars available; prefers basic soils

 Publication by USFWS BayScapes Conservation Landscaping Program
Last updated: 1 October 2004