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Spartina pectinataSpartina pectinata

freshwater cordgrass, prairie cordgrass

Photograph(s) by*: CM NRCS


Height: 4-0'
Flowers: Jul.-Sept.;
Fruit: achene (dry, flat seed)

Conditions *

Light: Full sun
Moisture: Moist Wet
Soil pH: 6-8.5
Soil type: Loamy
Flood depth: 0-6"
Salinity: 0-3 ppt


brackish and fresh tidal and nontidal marshes, shores, wet meadows; upper half of intertidal zone and above to spring tide level

Native to

Region: Coastal Piedmont Mountain *


Songbird Waterfowl Small mammal *


shore stabilizer; low drought tolerance; tolerates salinity to 3 ppt

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Last updated: 1 October 2004