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Rosa palustrisRosa palustris

swamp rose

Photograph(s) by*: PLANTS WSJ, CM NRCS


Height: 8-8'
Flowers: Jun.-Aug.; pink
Fruit: Jul.-Mar.; red; berry

Conditions *

Light: Full sun Partial shade Shade
Moisture: Moist Wet
Soil pH: 4-7
Soil type: Clay Loamy
Rosa palustrisFlood depth: 0-3"


fresh tidal and nontidal marshes, forested wetlands, shrub swamps, stream banks; open or shaded areas

Native to

Region: Coastal Piedmont Mountain *
States: MD


Songbird Small mammal Beneficial insect *
high wildlife value


edible fruit is a berry-like hip; thorns; tolerates flooding to 3"

 Publication by USFWS BayScapes Conservation Landscaping Program
Last updated: 1 October 2004