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Rhododendron viscosumRhododendron viscosum

swamp azalea

Photograph(s) by*: RHW


Height: 6.5-10'
Spread: 6-12'
Flowers: May-Aug.; white, pink
Fruit: Aug.-Mar.; brown; capsule
Fall color: yellow, orange, to purple

Conditions *

Light: Full sun Partial shade
Moisture: Moist Wet
Soil pH: 4-6
Soil type: Clay Loamy Sandy Organic


low wet floodplain woods and depressions, sluggish streambanks, swamp borders, hillside bogs, ditch banks, clearings

Native to

Region: Coastal Piedmont Mountain *
States: MD DE PA NY VA


Waterfowl Small mammal *


attractive spreading, loose-branched habit; demands acid soil; susceptible to disease and insects

 Publication by USFWS BayScapes Conservation Landscaping Program
Last updated: 1 October 2004