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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 2009 Projects

Assessment towards evolution of the PCA National Framework
BGCI (US) will work with PCA members to assess contributions to the National Framework and demonstrate linkages with the international GSPC to help guide its evolution in a changing climate.
Grantee: Botanic Gardens Conservation International (U.S.), Inc.

Colorado Plant Conservation Strategy Implementation-II
Implement highest priority actions from the 2009 Rare Plant Conservation Strategy emphasizing climate change impacts/adaptation and protection of Colorado’s imperiled plants with land trusts/agencies.
Grantee: The Nature Conservancy - Colorado

Ex situ conservation of four Red Listed Oak species
BGCI US will work with numerous partners to ensure that genetically diverse living collections of imperiled Oak species are in place and safeguarded from climate change and disease threats.
Grantee: Botanic Gardens Conservation International (U.S.), Inc.

Ex Situ Plant Conservation of G2 species on USFS lands
Determine existing USFS priority species ex situ coverage through extensive queries of CPC institutions and partners engaged in seedbanking work. Report will summarize and recommend future priorities.
Grantee: Center for Plant Conservation

Pollinator Field Guide, Posters, Book, & Monitoring Protocol
4 specific pollinator projects that will encourage the outreach and education of wildlife and plants in North America and for conservation globally.
Grantee: Coevolution Institute

Rare Plant Surveys in High Priority BLM Lands of California
Rare plant and vegetation data is updated on BLM lands using trained volunteers. Data will be shared with land managers to inform decisions and provide baseline data for monitoring climate change.
Grantee: California Native Plant Society

Seeds of Success National Coordination
To provide technical support, collections managmement, and training to the over 65 collecting teams working nation-wide on Seeds of Success (SOS) so that collection efforts are maximized.
Grantee: Chicago Horticultural Society

Testing restoration effectiveness under a changing climate
Chicago Botanic Garden staff will evaluate genetic, functional, plant community, and pollinator outcomes of restoration through historic, field, lab, and GIS analyses of degraded, restored, and reference sites.
Grantee: Chicago Horticultural Society

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