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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 2008 Projects

Protecting Rare Plants on Forest Service Land
The Forest Service will develop and distribute threats, trends, and management information for 50-60 rare and critically imperiled plants known to occur on U.S. Forest Service lands.

Grantee: NatureServe

Guides, Web, and Posters for Pollinator Habitat
The Coevolution Institute will create and disseminate 20 bioregional guides for native and pollinator friendly plantings, update the pollinator of the month website, and create four regional posters depicting pollinators and/or plants.

Grantee: The Coevolution Institute

West Eugene Wetlands Plant Recovery (OR)
The City of Eugene will assist the recovery of three listed plant species at the landscape scale through management, restoration, development of a coordinated plan, habitat and population assessment, outreach and education.
Grantee: City of Eugene, Oregon

Assessing National Plant Science Capacity
The Chicago Botanic Garden will conduct an assessment of national plant science capacity, identify gaps in expertise and resources, and publish and distribute a report with recommendations to remedy deficiencies.

Grantee: Chicago Botanic Garden

Mapping Native Seed Collections
The Chicago Botanic Garden will work with BG-BASE and the Bureau of Land Management to develop the capability to integrate native plant material needs with native seed collections.

Grantee: Chicago Botanic Garden

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