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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 2007 Projects

American Samoa Native Plants of Concern Database
Develop an Electronic Flora database to identify over 100 Plants of Concern in American Samoa. The project will provide a flexible query tool to access baseline rare native plant information from a taxonomic and geographic perspective.

Grantee: Centre for International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research

Colorado Plant Conservation
Work on the conservation of native rare plants in Colorado by developing a coordinated strategy, prioritizing conservation needs, and taking action to address increasing threats to native populations. Project will plan and implement conservation outreach.

Grantee: The Nature Conservancy - Colorado

Ex Situ and In Situ Rare Plant Conservation (WA)
Monitor populations of over 100 rare plants to gather up-to-date information needed for their management and conservation. The project will collect and store rare plant seeds to protect the genetic resources of the species.

Grantee: University of Washington

Ex-situ Conservation of Species (MO)
Survey seed banked plant species and collect five priority plant species of the Southeast region that have not yet been secured. Project is important to Forest Service rehabilitation efforts and building public-private partnerships for recovery work.

Grantee: Center for Plant Conservation

Globally Rare Plants (MT)
Collect data for over 40 globally rare plants, across Montana, to determine global status and global and state ranks. The project will compile data pertinent to planning and conservation activities of the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service.

Grantee: Montana Natural Heritage Program

Kane Breadroot Survey (UT)
Survey populations of Kane breadroot to determine population extent, habitat features, and pollinators. A Geographic Information System database will be developed to assist trends in habitat condition and create predictive models of plant occurrence.

Grantee: Grand Staircase Escalante Partners

Native Plants for Pollinator-Friendly Plantings
Produce five ecoregion brochures with recommendations for native plants and their pollinators. Create art and copy for four education and native plant/pollinator conservation posters and 12 Celebrating Wildflowers Pollinator of the Month website updates.

Grantee: Coevolution Institute

Native Seed Collection and Increase Program (CO)
Recruit at least 100 volunteers to collect locally adapted native seed and species that are not available for purchase commercially in Boulder County. The collected seed will be used on native restoration projects in the area.

Grantee: Boulder County Parks and Open Space

Project BudBurst (IL)
Launch Project BudBurst, an annual one-month campaign that records citizen-collected data on the flowering time of native plants. The project will work to inform the public of the connection between plant phenology and global climate change.

Grantee: Chicago Botanic Garden

Sand Mountain Recreation Area Restoration (NV)
Restore native vegetation and prevent the establishment of invasive species, while enhancing sensitive species habitat. The project will help establish an ethno-botanical resource for local Native American tribes.

Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Threats to Plant Biodiversity (AL)
Examine the effects of urbanization and fire history on longleaf pine communities to determine threats to biodiversity in the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge. The project will share information with stakeholders through events and publications.

Grantee: Auburn University School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

Upper Cache Plant and Pollinator Conservation (CA)
Inventory the flora within Cache Creek, Payne Ranch, and Bear Creek. The project will develop management recommendations for protection of special communities and plants, control invasive weeds and enhance pollinator habitat.

Grantee: Colusa County Resource Conservation District

Utah West Desert G1-G2 Plant Surveys
Inventory G1 and G2 plant species in Utah's west desert to provide information to natural resource managers and other stakeholders. Incorporate data into the Utah Natural Heritage Program database and used for habitat conservation efforts.

Grantee: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Wasatch Shooting Star (UT)
Monitor plots and perform surveys of the Wasatch Shooting Star to determine a conservation strategy for land managers. Increased population knowledge of the rare Big Cottonwood Canyon endemic plant will help the Forest Service manage and protect the area.

Grantee: Cottonwood Canyons Foundation

Willamette Valley Endangered Species Comeback (OR)
Reintroduce endangered plants to the endemic prairies of the Willamette Valley with local school groups. The project will help restore prairie habitat, raise awareness of plant conservation and facilitate partnerships between local landowners.

Grantee: Institute for Applied Ecology

Yakama Nation Rare Plant Inventory (WA)
The second year of the project will survey additional montane meadow and valley riparian habitats for fourteen species suspected or documented historically on the Yakama Reservation. The project will provide conservation outreach to the Yakama Nation.

Grantee: Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation

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