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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 2003 Projects

Arizona Botanical Education/Propagation Center (AZ)
Develop a native plant botanical learning and propagation center at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Project will provide opportunities for classroom study, field research and plant restoration projects, and outreach through a lecture series.
Grantee: Glen Canyon Natural History Association

Assessment of Forest Herbaceous Communities (NY)
Compare herbaceous plant communities to assess regional effects of past land cultivation on forest herb diversity and community composition. GIS models will be created to predict future locations of impoverished forest lands.
Grantee: The Research Foundation of State University of New York

Chicago Wilderness Wooded Lands Audit (IL, IN)
Implement a regionwide monitoring program that will assess the current state of the region's woodlands and threats to recovery and track changes over time. Project will result in summary reports and maps which will be distributed to local agencies.
Grantee: National Audubon Society, Inc.

Chihuahuan Desert Native Plant Development (NM)
Establish Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico as interpretive botanical study center. Pilot project will co-facilitate series of interactive native plant conservation programs and botanical illustrations exhibit.
Grantee: Carlsbad Caverns Guadalupe Mountains Association

Classification of Montane Longleaf Pine Forest (AL)
Identify landscape-level land units with vegetation, soil, and landform variables through ordination and classification techniques and discriminant analysis for longleaf pine forest in Alabama. Predictive models will be produced for each land unit.
Grantee: Jacksonville State University

Ecology of the Yellowstone Sand Verbena (WY)
Investigate reproductive ecology and demographic trends of the rare endemic Yellowstone sand verbena. Project will use hand-pollination experiments and observational data and re-census long-term demographic plots to develop long-term conservation plan.
Grantee: Yellowstone Park Foundation

Edwards Plateau Conservation Initiative (TX)
Collect and store seeds of 200 native plant species of the Edwards Plateau, in partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, United Kingdom. Project will complement Seeds of Success, a native seed collection program on public lands in the United States.
Grantee: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Effects of Grazing on Chukchi Primrose (AK)
Study the influence of grazing by geese on Chukchi primrose population viability in Alaska, using stage-specific demographic modeling and experimental treatments.
Grantee: University of Alaska

Genetic Variation of Native Seeds (IA)
Characterize genetic variation over two generations of seed increase in two native species, switchgrass and prairie coreopsos. The project will help guide efforts to better conserve the orignial genetic integrity of the donor seed source.
Grantee: University of Northern Iowa Native Roadside Vegetation Center

Grass Identification Resources for North America (UT)
Utah State University will create taxonomic treatments of approximately 35 percent of the grass species in North America. Treatments will be edited and reviewed by Utah State staff, regional contacts and botanists and published on the web.
Grantee: Utah State University

Guide to Maintaining Genetic Integrity of Plants (CA)
Target land management personnel to increase awareness about importance of managing genetic integrity for native plant species. Project will provide decision-making support for choosing genetically appropriate sources for planting projetcs.
Grantee: University of California Regents

Humboldt Bay Dunes Native Grass Revegetation (CA)
Reintroduce native dune grass to the Manila Dunes Area of Critical Concern. Project will provide the final prescription to a ten-year restoration program that eradicated 30 acres of European beachgrass and yellow bush lupine for the beach and foredunes.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Illustrated Flora of East Texas (TX)
Create volume one of a two-volume guidebook to approximately 3,300 species of native and naturalized vascular plants found on public and private lands in East Texas. Book will be made available through printed copies and on the Internet.
Grantee: Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Mapping Kearney Buckwheat Habitat (NV)
Map Kearney Buckwheat habitat using high-resolution satellite imagery in order to document species distribution and assess habitat conditions.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Monitoring Native Plant Species in New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, RI, VT)
Survey 72 populations of rare plant species of federal concern in New England using a well-established volunteer program. Data gathered will assist land managers and biologists in promoting stewardship of locally endangered plants.
Grantee: New England Wild Flower Society

Native Plant Information Network (TX)
Distribute and promote a diverse array of accessible and scientifically accurate native plant materials via the web. Project will develop a distributed national network of researchers and volunteers to gather and input data into a web portal.
Grantee: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Sagebrush-Steppe Native Seed Propagation (CA)
Establish seed collection/transfer zones for native perennial bunchgrasses in order to maintain the genetic integrity of local genotypes, improve restoration success, and restore ecological function of sagebrush-steppe plant communities.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management, Bishop Field Office

South Willamette Native Plant Nursery (OR)
Expand an existing native nursery operation in the South Willamette, propagate 20 to 30 native plant species not normally available commercially, and increase availability of genetically local plant materials.
Grantee: Friends of Buford Park and Mt. Pisgah

Sustaining Green Medicine-II (VA, NC, WV, CO, OR, KY)
Continue to use volunteers to inventory and monitor selected wild medicinal plants on public lands. Project will generate baseline data on target native medicinals and empower local communities and resource managers by organizing regional workshops.
Grantee: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Washington Rare Plant Project (WA)
Continue rare plant population monitoring project and expand Celebrating Wildflowers event. Project will manage long-term seed storage facility for Washington rare seeds.
Grantee: University of Washington

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