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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 2001 Projects

Brady Pincushion Cactus Population Viability (AZ)
Determine growth rates of four populations of Brady pincushion cactus, a federally endangered species, and estimate extinction rates. Project will analyze data collected over the past fifteen years along Marble Canyon in Arizona.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management, Arizona Strip Field Office

California Plant Information Clearinghouse (CA)
Develop an online database of invasive plant occurrences in California. Database will be useful to the Bureau of Land Management and CalTrans and provide a resource for public and landowner education and prioritization of invasive plant control.
Grantee: CalFlora Database

Cowles Bog Floristic Resources Restoration (IN)
Protect the unique floristic features of the western-most extent of the Great Marsh in Indiana. Project will eradicate invasive species, erect a deer exclosure, and propagate and outplant white cedar and various orchids on 6 acres of wetland.
Grantee: National Park Service, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Dillon Rare Plant Conservation (MT)
Work with the Montana Natural Heritage Program to synthesize available data and conduct surveys of 12 globally-rare vascular plants in southwest Montana. Data will be used to identify priority conservation sites.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management, Montana State Office

Fish Slough Milk-Vetch Recovery (CA)
Identify causes of the population decline in the federally-threatened Fish Slough milk-vetch and methods for successful field reintroduction and long-term conservation. Project will examine plant physiological performance in variable environments.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management, Bishop Field Office

Invasive Assessment of Alien U.S. Vascular Plants (VA)
Refine and implement an objective, scientifically-rigorous system to assess the level of invasiveness of alien vascular plants in the United States. Project will help prioritize prevention, early detection, research, and management of invasive plants.
Grantee: NatureServe

Mt. Trumbull Ponderosa Pine Restoration (AZ)
Restore 305 acres of ponderoa pine forest in northwestern Arizona through mechanical thinning, prescribed burning, and broadcast seeding. Project will restore the native herbaceous understory and eliminating the potential for catastrophic wildfire.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management, Arizona Strip Field Office

Native Orchid Reintroduction in Southern Florida (FL)
Reverse the decline of native orchid populations in southern Florida wetlands by collecting, propagating, and planting seeds of the leafless, cowhorn, shell, butterfly, and other rare and endangered orchids.
Grantee: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida Panther NWR

Native Prairie Forb Nursery (MO)
Expand production and processing of native prairie forb seeds from Missouri. Seeds will be used for restoration on 3,115 acres of federal, state, and private lands. Project will also monitor pollinator visits to plants.
Grantee: Missouri Department of Conservation

New England Plant Conservation Volunteer Corps (CT,MA,ME,NH,RI,VT)
Expand Plant Conservation Volunteer (PCV) Corps into Connecticut and Maine and increase volunteers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. PCVs monitor rare plants, manage habitats, identify and control invasive, exotic plants.
Grantee: New England Wild Flower Society

Plant-Pollinator Conservation in the Southeast (FL,GA)
Identify the status and diversity of pollinators in the plant communities of the endangered longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem of Florida and Georgia. Project will assist resource managers and conservationists to restore and protect these areas.
Grantee: The Bee Works, LLC

Project SEEDS (OR)
Pilot Project SEEDS (Students Enhancing the Environment by Dispersing Seeds of Native Plants) in western Oregon to conserve and restore wetland habitat. Project is part of a national model for conservation education.
Grantee: Lane County Audubon Society

Return of the Natives to Fort Ord-V (CA)
Continue to involve members of the general public, elementary school teachers and students, and university students in the restoration and monitoring of rare and degraded native plant habitats on 500 acres of the Fort Ord Public Lands.
Grantee: Foundation of California State University Monterey Bay

Santa Cruz Endemic Plant Recovery-II (CA)
Develop and implement a management plan for Ben Lomond spineflower and Santa Cruz wallflower populations in the Santa Cruz sandhills by examining the effects of altered disturbance regimes on these endangered plants and their exotic competitors.
Grantee: Regents of the University of California

Sustaining Green Medicine (NC,VA,WV)
Design and implement methods to use volunteers to inventory and monitor selected wild medicinal plants. Volunteers will also determine sustainable harvest levels for species collected in commercial quantities from federal lands.
Grantee: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Upper Arkansas River Plants and Pollinators (CO)
Inventory the Upper Arkansas River Corridor in Colorado for seven globally-imperiled plant species, as well as identify insects which may be responsible for pollination. Data will enhance effectiveness of three interagency resource management plans.
Grantee: Colorado State University

Willamette Oak and Pine Habitat Conservation (OR)
Identify and select existing sites of Oregon white oak, ponderosa pine, and waside aster to develop techniques for improving habitat conditions. Techniques will be used in other high priority in the Eugene District.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Zion Native Plant Restoration-II (UT)
Continue to research and develop plant propagation techniques for native plant reintroduction in and around Zion National Park. Techniques will be implemented by students and volunteer groups.
Grantee: Partners in Parks

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