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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 2000 Projects

Alpine Endemic Plants and Pollinators (CO)
Inventory the Mosquito Range in Colorado for thirteen globally-imperiled alpine plant species, as well as identify insects which may be responsible for pollination. Data will enhance effectiveness of three interagency resource management plans.
Grantee: Colorado State University

Colorado Celebrating Wildflowers (CO)
Educate the public about the importance of native plants and the problems of non-native invasive plants in Colorado. Project will create and distribute outreach and educational materials for National Wildflower Week in May of 2000.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Conservation Genetics of Penstemon (CO)
Assess the genetic diversity of seven species of penstemon present on Colorado's western slope. Data will be used to more effectively manage these rare species.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Crinite Mariposa Lily Restoration (OR)
Manage 30 acres of habitat for the sensitive crinite mariposa lily in western Oregon through prescribed burning, tree girdling, and thinning.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Dos Palmas Tamarisk Eradication (CA)
Control tamarisk on 640 acres of wetland habitat in the Sonoran Desert through chemical treatments and prescribed burning. Seed 50 acres of the indicated area with native plants.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Glacial Lake Albany Restoration (NY)
Work with private nurseries and landowners to increase the availability and use of native plants in the Glacial Lake region of Albany, New York. Project will provide habitat for the endangered Karner blue butterfly and other species.
Grantee: The Nature Conservancy

Grand Canyon Habitat Restoration Team (AZ)
Coordinate a habitat restoration team, comprised of trained volunteers and staff, to remove exotic plants and restore native plants in and around Grand Canyon National Park. Project also includes a public education component.
Grantee: National Park Service

Jensen Tallgrass Prairie Restoration (NE)
Restore 12 acres of tallgrass prairie degraded by woody vegetation and invasive, exotic species through mechanical and chemical treatments. Project site contains the prairie violet, host plant for the native regal fritillary.
Grantee: Audubon Society of Omaha

Midewin Outbreeding Depression Study (IL)
Conduct an outbreeding depression study on two species of lobelia to determine the optimum genetic stock for use in restoration. Data will assist public land managers, particularly in designing wetlands mitigation projects.
Grantee: Chicago Botanic Garden

Native High-Elevation Plant Reference (AZ)
Create and distribute a reference book on 150 easy-to-grow flowering native perennial plants for high-elevation Colorado Plateau landscapes. Project will encourage the use of native plants by gardeners, landscapers, and land use planners.
Grantee: Transition Zone Horticultural Institute, Inc.

Native Plant Harvest and Regeneration (OH)
Develop conservation and management techniques for goldenseal, black cohosh, and bloodroot, three native medicinal plants which are at risk of overcollection. Project will assist public and private land managers, particularly in the Appalachian range.
Grantee: United Plant Savers

Oak Island Habitat Restoration (NC)
Collect and grow seabeach amaranth, a federally endangered native plant species. Propagules will be transplanted along the coast to stabilize eroding shorelines and provide nesting habitat for threatened loggerhead and green sea turtles.
Grantee: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Parashant Floristic Survey (AZ)
Identify, map, categorize, and quantify the rare plants and noxious weeds present in the Parashant Resource Conservation Area of northwestern Arizona. Data will be used to more effectively manage for rare plants and control noxious weeds.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Payette Vascular Plant Inventory (ID)
Conduct a sensitive plant, invasive and noxious weed, and general floristic survey of the Payette National Forest in Idaho. Project will also develop a database of the gathered information and provide a set of representative plant specimens.
Grantee: USDA-Forest Service, Payette National Forest

Point Reyes Plant Inventory (CA)
Survey and map the special status plant species occurring on the Point Reyes National Seashore. Project will allow land managers to effectively protect and manage the numerous sensitive plant species that occur on Seashore lands.
Grantee: National Park Service

Santa Cruz Endemic Plant Recovery (CA)
Examine the management of disturbance and the control of exotic plant species essential for the conservation of Santa Cruz sandhills plant communities. Project will benefit two endangered plant species, Santa Cruz wallflower and Ben Lomond spineflower.
Grantee: Regents of the University of California

South Florida Native Plant Conservation (FL)
Provide various partners in southern Florida with the tools needed to protect the biological diversity of the region. Project includes a floristic inventory, assessment, and evaluation, as well as training for land managers.
Grantee: Institute for Regional Conservation

Zion Native Plant Restoration (UT)
Research and develop plant propagation techniques for native plant reintroduction in and around Zion National Park. Techniques will be implemented by students and volunteer groups.
Grantee: Partners in Parks

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