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Discussion Summary

The following summary is based on facilitated discussion sessions at the March 2007 Conservation Seed Workshop sponsored by USDA-NRCS, USFS, BLM and the Plant Conservation Alliance for the American Seed Trade Association. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss partnerships for native plant materials development, specifically using ecotype specific seed. For the purposes of this discussion we will use the Turesson 1922 definition of ecotype:

“A result of the genotypical response of a species to a particular habitat”

The discussions revealed two sides of a complex topic; how to enhance a partnership that satisfies federal agencies, that would like to restore public lands with ecotype-specific seed, and the seed trade industry, that provides most of the conservation seed used by the government but has reservations about the profitability associated with growing out seeds with narrow marketability, while at the same time successfully restoring public lands?

Below are various perspectives on this issue.

From the scientists:

From the seed trade industry:

From the federal agencies:

At the end of these sessions, it was announced that ASTA and the federal partners will establish a working group/workshop for 2008 for further discussion of this topic. The purpose of this session will be to continue discussions between the scientists and the seed companies.

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