United Plant Savers (UpS) Presentation
Industrial Leadership for the Preservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Symposium
October 14, 15, 2003, Philadelphia

Following is an outline of a 5 minute presentation by Lynda LeMole, UpS Executive Director

UpS Mission

United Plant Savers’ mission is to preserve, conserve and restore native medicinal plants and their habitats in the United States and Canada while ensuring their abundant, renewable supply for future generations. 

Ups history, founding purpose, “grassroots” membership
1994 to present

**Key Focus Project

UpS “At-Risk” and “To-Watch” lists (handouts).   Original lists and criteria used 
**Current Update - recently the review committee has developed a matrix for determining “At-Risk” status consisting of plants on one axis, and a series of questions on the other.
Handout provided requesting input on matrix

Significant projects and endeavors

Purchase and development of the 370-acre UpS Botanical Sanctuary in Meigs County, Ohio

Spring and fall intern programs, plant grant research and propagation, extensive medicine trails

Publication of two definitive books on native medicinal plant conservation:

Planting the Future – a collaborative effort by over 30 herbalists edited by Pamela Hirsch and Rosemary Gladstar
Growing At Risk Medicinal Herbs – by Richo Cech

UpS Botanical Sanctuary Network (BSN)

Over 40 BSN members developing and maintaining private land sanctuaries; UpS provides land consultation, signage; plant material and seed sources

Plants in Action and Community Grants programs

UpS fosters and funds native medicinal plant projects in communities across the United States

Partners in Education (PIE)

UpS created a supportive network between herbal educators, schools, conferences and conservation work.  We provide student memberships, educational materials, slideshows, teaching aids, library books to over 50 affiliated PIE member organizations

Planting the Future

2-3 educational conferences and gatherings hosted yearly by UpS - provides thousands of plant-interested people with workshops, lectures and contact with America’s leading herbalists

Ups Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation

Bi-annual publication of Journal and quarterly Bulletins to membership

Membership Networking

Website provides members with current information and dialogue
Bi-annual plant and seed “give-aways” to members

Question for panel:

UpS believes that industry participation in re-evaluating the “At-Risk” and “To –Watch” lists continues to be important.  Our question is to request input on our revised matrix (handout).