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Medicinal Plant Working Group Financial Support Committee




To generate financial support for native medicinal plant conservation projects.

The development of reliable, sustainable financial support is the lynchpin upon which the work of the Medicinal Plant Working Group depends. Without such financing, projects fall back on the time and energy of volunteers for completion, a condition that would make it difficult to fulfill the range of activities critical to the mission of the group. Funding generated to support projects would be made available for cross-cutting efforts bringing together researchers, educators, businesses and others in support of plant conservation.

Action Items:

  • Identify potential funding sources for coordinated projects.
    • Develop a list of organizations providing grants for plant-related projects.
    • Identify federal agencies interested in plant conservation.
    • Develop an intra-governmental effort outlining the roles and interests of agency members pertaining to medicinal plant conservation; determine availability of funding.
    • Develop a packet of information for dissemination to potential donors.
    • Meet informally with potential donors to provide information on the importance of medicinal plant conservation.
    • Hold a formal donors meeting and develop an action plan out of the meeting.
  • Facilitate development and coordination of project proposals.
    • Make the funding guidelines of pertinant donor organizations available in a centralized location, possibly via the internet.
    • Develop a mechanism to assist with project proposal coordination among working group member organizations.
  • Promote the establishment of a conservation trust fund for non-timber forest products, including medicinal plants.
    • Survey membership to determine who has financial/legal expertise and could assist with contacts/ideas.
    • Outline steps necessary to establish a conservation trust fund for medicinal plants.
    • Develop a mechanism to involve lawmakers in a such a discussion.
    • Mesh pertinent steps for this goal with steps being taken by the Participation Committee.
    • Research possibilities associated with product branding that could designate a percentage of profits to medicinal plant conservation.

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Last Updated: 06-Mar-2006