Southwest/Intermountain Region
Common Names Index

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Alcove Columbine
Alligator Juniper
Anderson Lupine?
Anderson's Larkspur
Annual Paintbrush
Apache Plume
Apache Plume
Arizona Prickly Poppy
Arizona Water-Willow
Arnica; Plains Blackfoot; Blackfoot
Arrowweed Pluchea; Marsh Fleabane
Bald Cypress
Barestem Larkspur
Bastard Toadflax
Bear-Paw Poppy; California Bearpoppy
Beck Spring-Parsley
Berry Prickly Pear
Bicolor Mustard
Bicolor Mustard; Velvety Greggia
Big Bend Lupine
Black Brush
Black Brush
Blue Flax
Blue Penstemon
Bluestem Penstemon
Bowl Flax
Bristly Gilia
Broad-Leaved Gilia
Broadleaf Four O'Clock
Bryce Canyon Paintbrush
Buckhorn Cholla
Bush Beardtongue
Bush Encelia
Butterfly Weed; Pleurisy Root
Cane Cholla
Catclaw Cactus
Chisos Prickly Poppy
Chisos Prickly Poppy
Claret Cup
Claret Cup Hedgehog
Claret Cup Hedgehog
Claret Cup Hedgehog
Claret Cup Hedgehog
Cliff Fendlerbush
Cliff Rose
Colton's Milkvetch
Common Horehound
Common Monkey-Flower
Common Paintbrush
Common Scorpionweed
Coral Gilia
Cove's Senna
Cowpen Daisy
Creeping Beavertail Prickly Pear
Creosote Bush
Crow Poison
Cut-Leaved Daisy
Desert Chicory
Desert Dandelion
Desert Evening Primrose
Desert Fivespot
Desert Globemallow
Desert Goldfields
Desert Hollyhock; Apricot Globemallow
Desert Senna
Desert Tobacco
Desert Tobacco
Desert Trumpet
Desert Verbena
Desert Verbena; Southwestern Mock Vervain
Desert Willow
Desert Willow
Dog Cholla
Douglas Fir
Dusty Penstemon
Dwarf Aster
Dwarf Evening Primrose
Dwarf Lupine
Eaton's Penstemon
Eaton's Penstemon
Engelmann's Hedgehog
Engelmann's Prickly Pear
False Clappia
Faxon Yucca
Four Wing Saltbush; Wingscale; Hoary Saltbush
Fragrant Mimosa
Freckled Milkvetch; Mottled Locoweed; Beakpod Milkvetch
Golden Crownbeard
Golden Pea
Golden Sego Lily
Gooseberryleaf Globemallow
Grassy Arrowhead; Grassleaf Arrowhead
Green Thread
Gypsum Grama
Hairy Golden Aster
Hairy-Flowered Spiderwort
Hedge-Hog Cactus
Hester's Dwarf Cactus
Hopi Blanketflower
Indigo-Bush; Fremont's Dalea
Jackass Clover
Labriformis Milkweed; Poisonous Milkweed
Lance-Leaved Violet
Large Four O'Clock
Lavender Evening-Primrose
Lee's Pincushion
Lee Pincushion
Lemita; Skunkbush
Lesser Mohavea; Golden Desert-Snapdragon
Little Gold Poppy
Little Twistflower; Long-Beaked Twistflower
Little-Tree Wild Indigo
Longleaf Phlox
Longleaf Pine
Longspur Columbine
Low Scorpionweed
Lyre-Leaf Green Eyes
Lyre-Leaf Sage
Maguire Catchfly
Mariposa Lily
Markagunt Penstemon
Marsh Buttercup
Mescal Bean
Mexican Buckeye; Monilla; Texas Buckeye
Mexican Hat; Redspike Mexican Hat
Mexican Orange
Mexican Palo Verde
Mexican Poppy
Missouri Iris
Monks Hood
Mormon Tea
Mountain Deathcamas
Naked-Stemmed Sunray
Narrowleaf Paintbrush; Wyoming Paintbrush
Narrow-Leaved Yucca
New Mexico Prickly Pear; Tulip Prickly Pear
Oregon Grape
Paiute Suncup
Pale Evening Primrose
Pale Evening Primrose; Sawtooth Evening Primrose
Palmers Penstemon
Palmers Penstemon
Parry's Bell Flower
Parry's Penstemon
Pebble Pincushion; Pebble Cushion
Pine-Needle Milkweed
Pink Ladies
Pink Windmills
Pitaya; Green-Flowered Rainbow Cactus
Plains Prickly Pear
Plains Prickly Pear
Plains Prickly Pear
Plains Prickly Pear
Plains Yellow Flax
Platy Penstemon
Pointed Blue-Eyed Grass
Ponderosa Pine
Prairie Sunflower
Prairie Sunflower
Pretty Cinquefoil
Prickly Poppy
Prince's Plume
Pygmy Cedar
Redeye Prickly Pear
Redeye Prickly Pear
Red-Sage Salvia
Rimrock Daisy
Rock Columbine
Rock-Nettle; Desert Stingbush
Rocky Mountain Clematis
Rosy Two-Tone Beardtongue; Pinto Beardtongue
Rough Mulesears
Rough Skullcap; Hyssop Skullap
Sacred Datura
Salt Heliotrope
San Francisco River Leatherpetal
Sand Blazing Star
Sand Sage; Hoary Mint; Blue Sage
Sawtooth Sage
Scarlet Gaura
Scarlet Gaura
Scarlet Gilia
Scented Penstemon
Schott's Agave
Scouring Rush Horse Tail
Sego Lily
Sego Lily
Sego Lily
Show Rush-Pink Milkpink
Showy Goldeneye
Showy Milkweed
Showy Stoneseed; Puccon; Narrowleaf Gromwell
Shrubby Cinquefoil
Silverleaf Nightshade
Silverleaf Sunray
Silvery Lupine
Silvery Lupine
Skeleton Golden-Eye
Slenderleaf Globemallow
Small-Leaf Geranium; James Cranesbill
Snake Herb
Sneed's Carpet Escobaria
Soaptree Yucca; Palmella
Soapweed Yucca; Amole
Southwestern Paintbrush
Southwestern Stoneseed; Purple Bromwell
Spider Antelope Horns
Spiny Strawberry Hedgehog
Spinyhair Blazing Star
Spinyleaf Zinnia
Stagger Bush
Sticky Range Ratany
Stiffleaf Gilia
Strawberry Hedgehog
Supreme Sage
Supreme Sage or Pink-Flowered Sage
Supreme Sage or Pink-Flowered Sage
Tansyleaf Spine Aster; Tahoka Daisy
Teddy-Bear Cholla
Texas Green Eyes
Texas Green-Lily
Texas Madrone; Madrono
Texas Madrone; Madrono
Texas Rainbow Cactus
Texas Skeleton Plant
Texas Vervain
Thick-Leaved Ground-Cherry
Thickleaf Penstemon
Threadleaf Groundsel
Three Cornered Milkvetch
Tohoka Daisy
Torrey Yucca
Trailing Four O' Clock
Trailing Windmills
Tree Tobacco
Twoleaf Senna
Utah Penstemon
Utah Pinyon Pine
Utah Swertia
Walking Stick Cholla
Watson Bog Orchid; Sparse Rein Orchid
Wax Currant
Weakstem Mariposa Lily; Winding Mariposa Lily
Western Wallflower; Prairie Rocket
Whipple's Fishhook Cactus
White Eye Phlox
White Honeysuckle; Western White-Flowered Honeysuckle
White Sands Mustard
Whitethorn Acacia
Wood's Rose
Woolly Daisy
Woolly Paintbrush
Wrinkled Globemallow
Wrinkled Globemallow
Wrinkled Globemallow
Wyoming Paintbrush
Yellow Beeplant
Yellow Monkey Flower
Yellow Puccoon
Yellow Trumpet Flower
Yellow-Eye Cryptanth
Zion Shooting Star

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