Northwest Coloring Book
Common Names Index

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Alp Lily
Alpine Hulsea or Alpine Sunflower
Alpine Saxifrage
Alpine Sorrel
Alpine Spiraea
American Speedwell
American Twinflower
Annual Phlox
Antelope Bitterbrush
Arctic Gentian
Arrow-leaved Balsamroot
Arrow-leaved Thelypody
Arthur's Milkvetch
Bachelor's Button
Back's Sedge
Ballhead Waterleaf or Woolly Breeches
Bear Grass
Bearberry or Kinniknnick
Beautiful Shooting Star
Big-Headed Clover
Big-leaved Huckleberry
Big-Podded Mariposa Lily
Big-Podded Mariposa Lily
Biscuit Root
Bitter Cherry
Bitterroot Lewisia
Bittersweet or Matrimony Vine
Black Henbane
Black Knapweed
Black Raspberry
Black Twinberry or Bearberry Honeysuckle
Blanket Flower
Blue Cup
Blue Mountain Loco Weed
Blue Mountain Onion
Blue Mountain Penstemon
Blue Mountain Swamp Onion
Blue Vine Clematis
Blue-Eyed Grass
Bog Buckbean
Bog St. John's Wort
Bracted Lousewort
Brewer's Cliff Brake
Brewer's Monkeyflower
Broom Buckwheat
Buckbrush or Sticky Laurel
Buffalo Bur
Burke's Larkspur
Calico Flower
California Fire Chalice
California Fire Chalice
California or Northern Buckwheat
California Pitcher Plant
California Poppy
Calypso Orchid or Moccasin Flower
Camas Lily or Blue Camas
Canada Thistle
Carey's Balsamroot
Cascades Douglasia or Wenatchee Douglasia
Cat's Ear Lily
Centaur Flower or Dwarf Hesperochiron
Clasping Pepper Grass
Clasping-leaved Twisted Stalk
Clustered Lady's Slipper
Colorado Blue Columbine
Columbia Puccoon or Wayside Gromwell
Columbian Coreopsis
Columbian Monkshood
Common Cattail
Common Grapefern or Least Moonwort
Common Prince's Pine
Common Yellow Monkeyflower
Cow Parsnip
Crenulate Moonwort
Cup Clover
Curl-leaf Mountain Mahogany
Cusick's Monkeyflower
Cut-leaved Fleabane
Dagger Pod Mustard
Dalmatian Toad Flax
Dark Woods or Round-leaved Violet
Davidson's Penstemon
Desert Lily
Desert Willow
Desolation Meadow Grapefern
Diffuse Knapweed
Douglas' Clover
Douglas Fir
Douglas' Onion
Drummond's Anemone
Dusty Maiden or Dougla' Chaenactis
Dutchman's Breeches
Dwarf Cornel or Bunchberry
Dwarf Monkeyflower
Early Blue Violet
Elegant Death Camas
Elk Weed or Monument Plant
Engelmann Spruce
False Hyacinth or Douglas' Brodiaea
Fan-leaved Cinquefoil
Fireweed or Willow Herb
Foxfire or Skyrocket Gilia
Fringe Pod
Giant Helleborine Orchid
Glacier Lily or Fawn Lily
Gold Fields
Golden Canbya
Golden Fleabane
Golden-fruited Sedge
Grand Fir
Great Blazingstar
Green False Hellebore
Green or Tall Phacelia
Hairy Owl Clover
Harebell or Scotch Bellflower
Harsh Indian Paintbrush
Heart-leaved Arnica
Hiker's Gentian
Hound's Tongue
Howell Dimersia
Hudson's Bay Currant
Indian Pipe
Inflated Sedge
James' Saxifrage
John Day Valley Desert Parsley
Kern Daisy
Klamath Weed
Lance-leaved Grapefern
Lance-leaved Spring Beauty
Lance-leaved Stonecrop
Large Mountain Monkeyflower
Large-flowered Collomia
Large-flowered Tonella
Leafy Spurge
Leopard Lily or Chocolate Lily
Lewis' Mockorange
Lewis' Monkeyflower
Little Prince's Pine
Lodgepole Pine
Long-Bearded Sego or Mariposa Lily
Long-flowered Bluebells
Low or Creeping Oregon Grape
Macdougal's Pincushion
Macfarlane's Four O'Clock
Maguire Lewisia
Maidenhair Fern
Male Fern
Mallow Ninebark
Marsh Marigold or Elkslip
Mary Blue-Lips or Blue-eyed Mary
Meadow Pussytoes
Merten's Mountain Heather
Miner's Lettuce
Mingan Grapefern
Morning Glory
Moss Campion
Moss Gentian
Moth Mullein
Mountain Ash
Mountain Buttercup
Mountain Dryas or White Dryas
Mountain Grapefern
Mountain Heather
Mountain Lady's Slipper
Mountain Mariposa
Mountain Monardella
Mountain Pea or Mountain Thermopsis
Munro's Scarlet Globemallow
Musk Monkeyflower
Naked-stemmed Desert Parsley
Narrlow-leaved Indian Lettuce
Narrow-leaved Collomia
Nettle-leaved Horsemint
Nevada Primrose
Nootka Rose or Spaulding's Rose
Northern Fairy Candelabra
Northern Mule's Ears
Northern Starflower
Northern Sweet Vetch
Nuttall's Larkspur
Nuttall's Linanthastrum
Ocean Spray
One-flowered Broomrape
One-flowered Gentian
Orange Agoseris
Orange Honeysuckle
Orange Jewelweed or Orange Balsam
Orcutt's Brodiaea
Oregon Bolandra
Oregon Bottle Gentian
Oregon Boxwood
Oregon Lily
Oregon Sunshine
Oregon Wild Cucumber or Manroot
Pacific Azelea
Pacific Dogwood
Pacific Rhododendron
Pacific Yew
Parry's Primrose
Pennell's Penstemon
Phantom Orchid
Phantom Orchid
Pheasant's Eye
Pine Broomrape
Pink Elephantheads
Pink or Coast Fawnlily
Pink Pinwheels or Dusky Horkelia
Pinnate Grapefern
Pioneer Violet or Johnny Jump Up
Piper's Windflower
Plantain-leaved Buttercup
Plumed Clover or Pussy Clover
Porcupine Sedge
Prairie Lupine
Prairie Smoke or Old-Man's Whiskers
Prickly Pear Cactus
Prickly Phlox
Prickly Poppy
Puncture Vine or Goat Heads
Purple Loosestrife
Purple-Eyed Grass or Grass Widow
Queencup Beadlily
Ragged Robin or Dearhorn Clarkia
Ramshaw Sandverbena
Rattlesnake Brome
Red Elderberry
Red Kittentail
Red Osier Dogwood
Rock Penstemon
Rocky Mountain Beeplant
Rosy Balsamroot
Ruby Mountains Primrose
Sabin's Lupine
Sacramento Mountains Prickly Poppy
Sagebrush Buttercup
Salt Heliotrope
Sand Lily
Scabland Blepharipappus
Scalepod or Pepperpod
Scotch Thistle
Scot's Broom or Scotch Broom
Sego Lily
Serrated-leaved Balsamroot
Service Berry or Sarvis
Sheep Sorrel or Sour Grass
Shining or Cascades Oregon Grape
Shooting Star
Short-flowoered Monkeyflower
Showy Milkweed
Sickle-leaved Lousewort
Sierra Pea
Sierran Onion
Sierran Spring Beauty
Silky Phacelia
Simpson's Ball Cactus
Single-leaf Pinyon Pine
Siskiyou Fireweed
Skunk Cabbage
Sky Pilot or Alpine Skunkbush
Sky Pilot or Jacob's Ladder
Sleepy Cat
Slinkpod or Oregon Saxifrage
Small-flowered Fringecup
Smooth Blazingstar
Snapdragon Skullcap
Snow Willow
Snowy Spring Parsley
Spalding's Silene or Spalding's Catchfly
Spotted Coralroot Orchid
Spring Whitlow Grass
Steer's Head
Stemless Evening Primrose
Stickly Geranium
Sticky Currant
Sticky Penstemon
Sticky Phlox
Streambank Saxifrage or Brook Saxifrage
Sugar Bowls or Leather Flower
Sulfur Buckwheat
Sulfur Cinquefoil
Swale Desert Parsley
Swamp Saxifrage
Tailcup Lupine
Tall Mountain Bluebells
Tansy Ragwort
Tansy-leaved Evening Primrose
Thin-leaved Owl Clover
Thin-leaved Paintbrush
Three-leaf Lewisia
Tiny Vetch
Tufted Evening Primrose
Tufted or Douglas' Phlox
Two-spiked Moonwort
Umatilla Gooseberry
Umbellate Spring Beauty
Utah Honeysuckle
Venus' Looking Glass
Wakas or Indian Pond Lily
Wake Robin or Red Trillium
Wallowa Mountains or Cusick's Primrose
Washington Lily
Washington Monkeyflower
Water Cress
Wax Currant
Wenaha Currant
Western Bleedingheart
Western Blue Flax
Western Burnet
Western Choke Cherry
Western Columbine
Western Larch
Western Lily
Western Pasqueflower
Western Redbud
Western White Pine
Western Yarrow
Western Yellow Pine
Weston's Mariposa Lily
White Alder
White Mountain Azalea
White Trillium
Whitney's Loco Weed
Wild Ginger
Wild Iris or Western Blue Flag
Wild Paeony
Wild Strawberry
Wood Buttercup
Wood Lily or Rocky Mountain Lily
Wood Nymph or Single Delight
Woodland Beardtongue
Woolly Balsamroot
Wyoming Paintbrush
Yellow Bell
Yellow Star Thistle
Yellow Toadflax or Butter and Eggs