Feedback from the Northwest Coloring Book


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Week of March 25, 1998 - Featured at The Botany Site.


"Wow! your wildflower coloring book has very nice drawings."
"Could you get some similiar illustrations of Southwest flowers?  This is a great idea.  How about relating wild flowers to their domestic counterparts; comparing and contrasting similarities and differences?"
"I was really happy (THRILLED) to find these illustrations! ... Great job with the coloring book!  It really is NEAT!!"
"The coloring book idea is great!  ... A coloring book database that covered prairie plants and plants of the Eastern U.S. would be immensely valuable to us, as we could customize it to the biotic communities of our schools.  Is an eastern or prairie extension planned??"
"I was impressed with your "Celebrating Wildflowers" Coloring Book site.  Are you planning on adding an additional book of eastern wildflowers?  I teach in New Jersey, and I would find this very useful!"

Thanks to everyone for the compliments and suggestions!

We now have another coloring book section in addtion to the Northwest Coloring Book.  Dorothy A. Riddle of the Sun City Nature Club has given us permission to use 63 drawings for a Texas Hill Country Coloring Book.  Please take a look!

Currently we do not have planned additions to the site for wildflowers in other areas.  The drawings for the Northwest Coloring Book were donated to us by a botanist, Karl Urban, at Umatilla National Forest.  While we would love to expand the site, we haven't had additional offers of drawings.  Perhaps sometime in the future a nature-art class or a wildflower enthusiast might make other drawings to add, but it would all need to be on a voluntary basis as we do not have the funding to pay for the drawings.

We would also be also enthusiastic about adding more educational information, such as the suggested comparisons between cultivated and domestic plants.  However, again we do not currently have the funding or staff to do this.  If anyone would be interested in volunteering to help us with this sort of project or with expanding the site, even if it's only for 5 or 10 plants, please contact us at

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