Photos Taken January 11-12, 1999
Cassette ID 569-612

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Ken Berg (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) brings his perspective to the Native Plant Conservation Initiative.
Beth DeCarolis (National Fish & Wildlife Foundation) gives a short presentation on the NPCI/NFWF Grant Program.
The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.
The Invasives Session hard at work under the leadership of Jil Swearingen (National Park Service) and aided by the facilitation of Alisa Shull (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service).
Bobbie Antonich (National Park Service) explains the process that the Restoration Session will undergo in order to create an action agenda.
Chris Jauhola (Bureau of Land Management) pays close attention during the Restoration Session.
Scott Fredericks (Environmental Protection Agency) summarizes his small group's ideas for the rest of the Restoration Session.
The Public Outreach Session met in the Library to work on their action agenda.
The Information/Data Sharing Session silently arranges their ideas into larger groupings, giving their voices a break while getting some more work done.
Steve Shelly (U.S. Forest Service) adjusts one of the groupings of ideas during the Information/Data Sharing Session.
Sam Planta, facilitator, encourages the Information/Data Sharing Session to stay on track by reminding them of the topics needed for the final presentation template.
A bird's eye view of the Public Outreach Session table in the Library.
Bobbie Antonich (National Park Service), Jil Swearingen (NPS), and Alisa Shull (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) gather at the end of the day for debriefing.
Group leaders and facilitators meet at the end of the day to discuss the day's work and to plan for the next.
Robert Breunig and Julie Barrett Heffington (Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center) participate in the debriefing meeting.
Carol Kelly uses innovative approaches in her group facilitation methods.
Group leaders discuss needs and pans for the next day.

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