Photos Taken January 12-13, 1999
Cassette ID 346-436

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On Tuesday evening, over 40 participants met at the hotel for an informal discussion on the infrastructure of the Native Plant Conservation Initiative.
Peter White (North Carolina Botanical Garden) contemplates the subject of infrastructure.
Chris Jauhola (Bureau of Land Management) brought to the group knowledge of a functional infrastructure from her experience with Partners In Flight.
Bobbie Antonich (National Park Service) shepards the infrastructure discussion as a facilitator.
Tuesday evening's informal discussion on NPCI infrastructure.
Participants around the discussion table shared their ideas and concerns on infrastructure.
Angela Evenden (Natural Areas Association) voices her opinions on infrastructure.
Jil Swearingen (National Park Service) works out a structure of the World Wide Weed Web.
Carol Spurrier (Bureau of Land Management), Karen Enyedy, and others participate in small group discussion and brainstorming during the Invasives Session.
Jil Swearingen (National Park Service) looks on while smaller groups work on the solidification of ideas.
Angela Evenden (Natural Areas Association), Julie St. John (Society for Ecological Restoration), Dale Shank (Hortus West), and Beth DeCarolis (National Fish & Wildlife Foundation) take a moment to get some fresh air during an outside activity for the Information/Data Sharing Session.
Participants in the Information/Data Sharing Session group together ideas in categories silently.
Ideas become grouped into categories and participants silently agree by not altering the groupings.
Kathryn Kennedy (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) works during a break to write down ideas to be displayed on the walls during the Pollinators Session.
Anne Lindsey (Laurel Hill Press) helps record brianstorming ideas and thoughts on paper for the Pollinators Session.

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