Photos Taken on January 13, 1999
Cassette ID 346-435

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The facilities at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
Kathryn Kennedy (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) presents ideas in the Pollinators Session.
Theodore Scott (Virginia Native Plant Society) listens intently to discussions during the Pollinators Session.
Gary Nabhan (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum) leads by listening, allowing others the chance to voice their ideas and concerns during the Pollinators Session.
Pam Camp (Bureau of Land Management) explains her concerns to the Pollinators Session.
Teresa Prendusi (U.S. Forest Service)
Surrounded by flower murals in the Little House, the Pollinators Session has the inspiration needed for their brainstorming work.
Gabriela Chavarria (National Fish & Wildlife Foundation) and Daniel Goodspeed (Mountain States Wholesale Nursery) listen attentively during a Public Outreach Session.
Joyce Maschinski (The Arboretum at Flagstaff) talks about her ideas concerning the need for public outreach.
Peggy Olwell (Bureau of Land Management, Chairperson of the Native Plant Conservation Initiative) acts as a recorder during a Public Outreach Session.
Alison Hill (U.S. Forest Service) and Wendell Hassell take a moment to look around the Restoration Session.
Jennifer Haley (National Park Service) hard at work as the Restoration Session's leader.
Breaking up into smaller groups helps to further brainstorming and discussion of ideas.
Olivia Kwong (Society for Ecological Restoration) pauses to have a picture taken before continuing to photograph the rest of the conference. (Photo taken by ???)
Small groups figure out the details of ideas while getting to know each other.

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