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Weed Busters Theme Song

Sung to the tune of Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) by Pete Seger

For every weed, turn, turn, turn.
There is a season to cut, spray or burn.
And a time to pull by hand, now and forever.

Pull garlic mustard up with the roots
Cut bamboo down and spray the new shoots.
Mow Microstegium before it sets fruit,
And repeat this.
(Repeat Chorus)

Hack and squirt all Ailanthus you see.
Use basal bark sprays on invasive woodies.
Trees, shrubs, and vines and other hardies
And you will get them.
(Repeat Chorus)

Pull English ivy out of the ground.
Don't leave one sprig a'lying around.
Check it each year to be really sure.
And keep pulling til it's gone.
(Repeat Chorus)

Cut alien vines that like to climb trees.
Don't let them reach the tree canopies.
Watch kudzu and bittersweet fall to their knees.
And you'll be happy.
(Repeat Chorus)

In winter, attack all exotics still green.
Give 'em hell, Harry! You've got to be mean.
Cut, pull or spray on warm winter days.
And watch them wither.
(Repeat Chorus)

Target exotics, you can't be too cautious.
Remove all the bad ones and avoid plants to keep.
Attack them again if they dare to come back,
And make them surrender.
(Repeat Chorus)

Use herbicides wisely; don't use when asleep.
Contacts burn foliage, systemics go deep.
Follow the label and wear all the gear,
So you'll be protected.
(Repeat Chorus)

Once you've destroyed them, beware what emerges.
Re-invasion by aliens must be prevented.
Encourage the natives to recolonize.
And you'll be rewarded.
(Repeat Chorus)

Adapted Lyrics By:
Jil Swearingen
Chair, Alien Plant Working Group
Plant Conservation Alliance
December 1998 (updated October 2002)

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