Pullman Clock Tower and Administration Building

Clock Tower and Administration Building
Clock Tower and Administration Building


Quick Facts

Pullman National Monument, also known as The Pullman District and Pullman Historic District, is located in Chicago, Illinois. It was the first model, planned industrial community in the United States. The district is significant for its historical origins in the Pullman Company, one of the most famous company towns in the United States, and scene of the violent 1894 Pullman strike.

Built in 1880, the Clock Tower and Administration Building formed the central mass of a monumental structure seven hundred feet long. As the manufacturing center of Pullman, the Administration and Factory Complex was an unusually ornate industrial building designed to sit in a park-like setting. The structure overlooked the artificial Lake Vista, which was a cooling reservoir for the Corliss steam engine. The main facade faced the Illinois Central tracks, and thus was one of the first buildings a visitor would see. As both real and symbolic expression of the great economic power, which was the Pullman Company, it was essential the building display a strong sense of formal ordering.

In 1991, the State of Illinois purchased the Clock Tower and Administration Building to comprise the Illinois Pullman State Historic Site. The 12.66-acre site is at the northeast corner of 111th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue, directly north of the Hotel Florence.

After standing for 117 years as a Pullman landmark, the Clock Tower and Administration Building was seriously damaged by a fire set by an arsonist on December 1, 1998. The tower and clock were rebuilt and installed on site in late 2005. The district was named a National Monument on February 19, 2015, making it a component of the National Park System

Last updated: August 1, 2020