Mount Rose Trailheads

View from a mountain trail of wood buildings in the snow with a lake in the background.
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NPS photo / GM Spoto

Quick Facts

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Mount Rose Trail and Loop

Two ways to access the trail:

New Mount Rose Loop Trail

  • Dirt path between flights of wooden stairs accessed from the Heritage Center parking lot, near the picnic area
  • Gradual, steady climb up the gentle spine of Mount Rose, a little less than a mile round trip

Mount Rose Trail

  • Asphalt trail with stone steps and guardrails in steepest sections, ~1.5 miles round trip from the trail head across from the Depot.
  • The trail switchbacks its way up south wall of Mount Rose.
  • Rock walls protect hikers from cliffs and provide impressive views of the historic depot and Grand Portage Bay

Trail Information

  • Opened in 2014, the Mount Rose Loop Trail is the newest trail in the park
  • The Mount Rose Loop Trail begins in the picnic area at the west end of the Heritage Center parking lot. The older Mount Rose Trial begins across from the historic depot’s stockade and main gate on Mile Creek Road
  • A series of wooden steps climb the side of an ancient rock wall then a dirt path gently rises along the spine of Mount Rose until it connects with the older paved Mount Rose Trail near the overlook, the highest point of Mount Rose (906 ft., 276 m)
  • Hikers can descend Mount Rose Trail on a series of sandstone steps and paved trail eventually coming out of the forest near the main gate of the historic depot
  • The Mount Rose Trail meets the Grand Portage corridor near the gatehouse and north gate, offering an alternative route to enter the historic depot through the gatehouse on the Grand Portage corridor as the voyageurs did
  • Hikers can also see the historic depot on accessible pathways first and catch the Mount Rose Trails on the way back to the parking lot
  • Wayside exhibits along the trail inform visitors about natural and historical features in Grand Portage

Grand Portage National Monument

Last updated: August 26, 2022