Elizabeth Stubbs House

Elizabeth Stubbs House, NPS.

Quick Facts

Little Creek, DE
Architecture & Women's History
National Register of Historic Places

The Elizabeth Stubbs House was built in Little Creek, DE in 1866. Founded in the early 1800s, Little Creek was a small town that became more prosperous at the end of the century due to a thriving oyster industry. Elizabeth owned a two-story house located in town on Main Street. She rented out rooms in her house to boarders, including to the local school teacher.

Elizabeth’s daughter, Linda, lived with her and earned her own income by working as the town dressmaker. There is no man associated with the Stubbs family listed in the census records. This indicates that Elizabeth and Linda were able to support themselves financially. The story of the Stubbs women is significant as they were able to own property and earn wages at a time when law and policy often worked against the interests of women.

Last updated: September 5, 2018