National Mall and Memorial Parks

the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Washington Monument at sunset


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Washington, DC

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Officially established in 1965, National Mall and Memorial Parks contains some of the oldest protected park lands in the National Park Service. The sprawling lands include the Mall, the public promenade extending from 3rd Street near the Capitol to 14th Street. The National Mall is the continuation of that space where congressionally authorized park icons, such as the Washington Monument, WWII and Lincoln Memorials stand. This historic expanse is the linear area between the Potomac River and Capital Reflecting Pool. In addition to the memorial core, the park includes some 156 reservations, circles, fountains and other open spaces, all of which serve as the nation’s front yard. Ford’s Theatre, The House where Lincoln died, Potomac Park, Hains Point and Pennsylvania Avenue NHS are also among the park managed areas that constitute National Mall and Memorial Parks.

Having over 1,000 acres of National Park Service managed land at the heart of our nation’s capital, National Mall and Memorial Parks provides visitors with abundant opportunities to get in touch with our heritage. With everything from colossal monuments to commemorative gardens, from presidential inaugurals to civil rights demonstrations, National Mall and Memorial Parks hosts history in the making. Numerous First Amendment activities and special events are held in the park each year to honor the courage, sacrifice and devotion to duty of war veterans; celebrate the United States commitment to freedom, equality and democratic ideals; and enjoy symbolic architecture, historic vistas and renowned natural landscapes. 

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Last updated: April 7, 2021