North Rim Campground Laundry and Showers

A single story brown wooden building with large white letters reads:
Located across from the campground check-in kiosk, and between the service station and general store


Quick Facts

Benches/Seating, Laundry, Parking - Auto, Showers


Between October 16, 2022 and May 14, 2023

Located on the entrance road to the North Rim Campground, between the Service Station and the North Rim General Store, visitors will find coin-operated laundry and shower facilities. One accessible and three regular shower stalls are available in sections for both women and men, on the right side of the building.

Open Daily: 7 am to 10 pm, from May 15, through October 15, 2023

Six quarters provide a six minute shower. Paper currency (American) may be exchanged for quarters at the change machine inside the laundromat. An ATM is located inside North Rim General Store.

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Last updated: October 15, 2022