Reporting a Condor Sighting

How can I tell if the bird I saw is a condor?
One of the best ways to identify a condor is by the numbered tags on its wings. You can also visit our information page about seeing condors for help with identification.

Should I report a condor sighting?
If you see a condor that is ill, injured, or engaging in potentially dangerous behavior such as feeding on a carcass possibly shot with lead ammunition or a carcass laying in the road, approaching people, drinking from deep water containers, or perching on artificial structures, please report the sighting immediately by calling (831)389-4486 ext. 276 or ext. 0. Please report the date and time of the observation, location and activity of the condor, and the numbers/color on wing tag if possible. Other helpful information: how many condors were present and the behavior of the other condors, whether other species of birds were present and engaging in the same behavior, whether the behavior was a first or has happened before, and how long the condor was present.

All sighting of condors are useful information to the condor biologists, particularly if you see condors outside the Pinnacles boundary. Please include a date and time of sighting, detailed description of location, and any description of the condors you see (adult or juvenile, right wing tagged, left wing tagged, or both wings tagged, and the color/number on the tags). You can send an email or call (831)389-4486 ext. 276.

If you see a condor on your property, remember that although they are large, they pose no threat to humans, pets, or livestock. Please remember that state law may require switching to non-lead ammunition within condor range, as lead poisoning is the biggest threat to California condors in the wild.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about California condors by sending an email or calling (831)389-4486 ext. 276.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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