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From 2003-2017, Pinnacles only used black or white wing tags for condors. Biologists would put a series of dots or lines underneath of the number to help identify individual birds. Eventually, it made more sense to switch to a color-coded numbering system. Since 2017, every Pinnacles condor has been retrapped and given a new colored tag- except for two of our most stealthy and secretive birds.
Condor 330 in flight
Condor 330 in flight.

Mark O'Brien


Hatched: 4/19/04 at the San Diego Wild Animal Park
Sex: Male
Released in Pinnacles: 2005
Mate: Ventana Wildlife Society condor 375
Offspring: condors 800, 877, and 1006
Fun Fact: Has only been caught once in nearly nine years- notorious for being one of the most secretive condors in central California

Condor 684 perched.
Condor 684 on the ground.



Hatched: 4/11/13 at the Oregon Zoo
Name: Quileute
Sex: Female
Released in Pinnacles: 2015
Fun Fact: Is very rarely seen; biologists feared she was dead until she made a surprise reappearance in January 2019

Last updated: December 9, 2019

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