Pinnacles Condor Profiles Continued

Condor 800 sunning on a ridge
Condor 800 sunning

NPS/Arianna Punzalan

The son of 330 and 375 (a Ventana Wildlife Society managed condor), 800 was born and raised in the wild- he hatched in the spring of 2015. Biologists weren’t able to find his nest, so they weren’t even sure of his existence until they saw a juvenile condor flying without tags! Luckily, 800 proved to be easier to trap than his famously stealthy father, 330. After a DNA test to confirm his identity, 800 was outfitted with tags and transmitters. Unfortunately, he had high levels of lead in his blood, and had to be treated for lead poisoning before being released back into the wild. Now he’s flying free again, and hopefully in a few years he’ll be able to raise a wild chick of his own.
Condor 828 sunning on a rock
Condor 828 sunning on a rock

NPS/Arianna Punzalan

828 made history- she is the first condor to hatch and fledge from a nest in Pinnacles National Park in over 100 years! She hatched on April 19, 2016 and is the daughter of 340 and 236, a Ventana Wildlife Society managed condor. 828 is a precocious chick, perhaps taking after her dominant father. She fledged nearly a month earlier than expected, and entertained the condor crew by graduating from short, awkward flights and mishaps to soaring smoothly over the High Peaks.
Condor 835 sunning on a rock
Condor 835 sunning on a rock

NPS/Joseph Belli

835 is another wild-hatched chick, and is the foster-daughter of 310 and Ventana Wildlife Society condor 219. She hatched in April 2016, in the exact same nest where her parents raised condor 745. By December or January, she and 828 will likely be confident enough flyers to follow their parents and begin joining the rest of the flock.

Last updated: January 3, 2017

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