Peebles Farm


Once again using a strategy of attacking Richmond and then thrusting westward around Petersburg, Gen. Grant (USA) opened another offensive, his fifth overall, in September 1864. While the Army of the James overran portions of Richmond's outer defenses, Grant amassed a large number of troops on the western edge of the siege lines. Gen. Lee (CSA), meanwhile, diverted forces from Petersburg to meet the threat up north. On September 30 the Union forces launched their assault aimed at seizing the Boydton Plank Road and the South Side Railroad, important supply routes for the Confederates.

September 30, 1864
1:00 pm

The Union forces struck across Squirrel Level Road by 1:00pm, sending the Confederates of that lightly manned section of trenches back towards Boydton Plank Road.

5:00 pm

Due to clogged narrow roads and cautiousness, Gen. Parke (USA) did not attempt to attack the Confederate lines near Boydton Plank Road until 5:00pm.

Gen. A.P. Hill's (CSA) forces used this four-hour delay to bring reinforcements out from Petersburg. At that point the Confederates counter attacked and drove the Federals back towards Pegrams Farm.


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