Hatcher's Run


In early February 1865, Gen. Grant (USA) launched another offensive aimed at cutting off Confederate-supply wagon traffic on Boydton Plank Road. He planned to do this by sending cavalry out to destroy as many wagons as they could find while the V and II Corps provided support and kept the Confederates occupied.

February 5, 1865

Gen. Lee (CSA) fearing for the safety of both the Boydton Plank Road and the South Side Railroad, had Generals A.P. Hill(CSA) and Gordon (CSA) assume the offensive against this movement.

The Union anticipating such a response dug in and repulsed three separate attempts to break their lines.

February 6, 1865

The Confederates initiated the attack in the afternoon hitting the Union troops from the east and the south. The fighting was the heaviest around Dabney's Steam Saw Mill. Finally, in the late afternoon, the Confederate drive was stopped by Union reinforcements


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