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Young Pronghorn
Young Pronghorn hides in the grass


Many people ask about the animals and plants of Petrified Forest, some with the idea that there aren’t many species in the park. This is far from true! Counting birds along, there are over 200 species found in the area, particularly in the spring and fall migrations. Explore the links below to discover who lives at Petrified Forest National Park.

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Fritillary on aster
Fritillary on aster


Invertebrates (butterfly and moth information below...





Trees and Shrubs

Perennials and Annuals


Cactuses and Succulents

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Butterflies and Moths of North America is hosted by Big Sky Institute at Montana State University and supported by the USGS

Big Sky Institute

Butterflies and Moths of North America is a site outside of NPS.gov, a good resource for species throughout the continent, including occurrence maps, species accounts, checklists, and photographs. For butterflies and months in the region around the park, click on the links below. Just remember that both counties are vast and cover many different habitats.

Navajo County

Apache County

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