Guided Tours

Hikers heading into Jasper Forest
Off the Beaten Path Jasper Forest Hike

Heather Sakuri

Ranger Guided Activities

Special programs will be offered throughout the year! Check the searchable Calendar, as well as our social media pages.

Ranger Guided Programs are available seasonally and as staffing allows, but our staff is always roving the park. Keep an eye out for roving rangers in popular areas like Puerco Pueblo, Crystal Forest, and Giant Logs for on-the-spot information.

Junior rangers speak with a ranger
Junior Rangers speak with Ranger Lauren


Daily Fun

Cultural Demonstrations
Daily 10am-4pm
Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark

Find Your Park
Anytime at
Celebrate the National Park Service's Centennial by sharing your story!

Geocaching and Earthcaching
Selected locations during park hours
Worldwide game of hiding and seeking virtual 'treasure', and anyone with a GPS device can play!

Junior Ranger Programs
Anytime during park hours. (Pick-up a booklet at any park Visitor Center) Junior Rangers explore, learn about, and protect their National Parks!

Junior Paleontologist Program
Anytime during park hours.(Pick-up a booklet at any park Visitor Center)
Explore the ways Paleontologist work, learn about Earth's history, and protect our national parks!

Painted Desert Inn Tour
Anytime between 9am-4pm
Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark

Participants in Field Institute
Dig with a paleontologist


Field Institute

Petrified Forest Field Institute is proud to offer guided tours and field classes exploring fun and compelling subjects lead by world class guides and experts.

See for more. Or click here to go directly to their class schedule.

Cellist at Blue Mesa
Cellist at Blue Mesa


Artist-in-Residence Program

In the Artist-in-Residence Program selected artists spend time living and working in the park, sharing their experiences with visitors.

Navajo Rug Weavers
Navajo rug weavers


Cultural Demonstrators

The park hosts regional cultural demonstrators throughout the year, coordinated by the park's partner Petrified Forest Museum Association. Visit with the demonstrators at the Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark (2 miles from the north entrance of the park) between 10am and 4pm. Calendar is available here.

Dec 20-23 Lucille Smith
Dec 24 Jane Benally
Park closed on Dec 25
Dec 26-29 Jane Benally
Dec 30-31 Alice Hawthorne

Jan1- Alice Hawthorne, weaver/beader
Jan 2-5 LeeAnn Goatsobn, beader
Jan 6-12 Justin Morris, silversmith
Jan 13-15 Jane Benally, beader
Jan 16-18 Alice Hawthorne
Jan 19-21 Lucille Smith, weaver
Jan 22-26 Jane Benally
Jan 27-29 Alice Hawthorne
Jan 30-31 Lucille Smith

Feb 1-2 Lucille Smith
Feb 3-6 LeeAnn Goatson
Feb 7-10 Justin Morris
Feb 11-14 Jane Benally
Feb 15-18 Alice Hawthorne
Feb 19-21 LeeAnn Goatson
Feb 22-25 Lucille Smith
Feb 26-28

Mar 1 Jane Benally
Mar 2-4 Alice Hawthorne

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(928) 524-6228

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