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Large school group hiking to site with ranger leading
Educational field trips at Pecos National Historical Park might include a search for fossils at Glorieta Creek or learning about butterflies, frogs, birds, or geology.

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Please note: all school groups that seek ranger-guided tours must have at least one active, responsible chaperone per 10 students; the preferred chaperone:student ratio is 1:8.

Field Trip Document Downloads:

First, contact us at 505-757-7241 with the details of when you wish to come to the park, how many people there will be, and to discuss with us what you may expect when you arrive. Once we establish the date and other details, take a look at these links:

Teacher Orientation Packet 69kb PDF

Pre-Trip Activity PDF

Museum Activity PDF

Post-Trip Activity 1 PDF

Post-Trip Activity 2 PDF

It is the mission of the National Park Service to preserve and protect Pecos National Historical Park for the enjoyment of present and future generations. To help with preservation, please share these guidelines with your group before your visit to the park. Impress upon everyone that Pecos NHP is a unique, ancient place and needs to the treated with care.

When introducing the guidelines to your class it may be helpful to provide examples as well; we've included a few below.

Stay on the trail--Remember that the ranger (if one is available) goes first, and students follow. Watch for dangers such as snakes and cactus spines. In addition to being hazardous, wandering off trail can result in damage to park resources. Do not climb on walls--they are fragile.

Always think safety for yourself and others--Please do not run. Keep a safe distance fom the edge of exposed kivas. Be careful when climbing ladders.

Respect and care for all things--Nothing may be removed from the park; always leave what you see for others to enjoy.

Keep actions and sounds from disturbing others--For example, please ensure that students keep their voices down.

Be cooperative and stay with the group leader--Listen to teacher, chaperone, or ranger. Pay attention and participate in discussions. Please raise hand if there is a question or comment.

Don't forget this one: have fun!

Early ceramic vessel in museum case
Glaze 1 ceramic vessel, PNHP museum.

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Mailing Address:

Pecos National Historical Park
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(505) 757-7241
The Visitor Center phone is answered during park hours. It's a good number to call for general inquiries and also to make reservations on any of the park ranger-guided van tours.

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