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Vol. XXXIII June, 1960 Special Edition

This booklet is published by the Yellowstone Library and Museum Association, a non-profit distributing organization whose purpose is the stimulation of interest in the educational and inspirational aspects of Yellowstone's history and natural history. The Association cooperates with and is recognized by the United States Department of the Interior and its Bureau, the National Park Service, as an essential operating organization. It is primarily sponsed and operated by the Naturalist Division in Yellowstone National Par.

As one means of accomplishing its aims the Association has published a series of reasonably priced booklets which are available for purchase by mail throughout the year or at the museum information desks in the park during the summer.






1. The Causes of Earthquakes
2. The Mechanics of Earthquakes
3. A Glimpse Into the Past
4. Early Mountain Building
5. Yellowstone's Fiery Past
6. The Modern Park Unfolds
7. Yellowstone's Structural Framework
8. Earthquake History of Immediate Area
9. Earthquake Water Table Effects Around the World
10. A Tour of the Earthquake Area
11. Changing Geysers and Hot Springs
12. Summary
13. A Prediction for the Future





1. Earthquake Camp of 1871 Hayden Survey Page
2. Serpentine Fence
3. Devil's Slide
4. Pitchstone Plateau lava flows, aerial photo
5. Fault scarps on the Solfatara Plateau, aerial photo
6. Fractured geyserite in Potts Geyser Basin
7. Earthquake Lake and Madison Canyon Slide
8. Hebgen Lake Dam
9. Hebgen Fault
10. Overturned automobile at Duck Creek Wye
11. U. S. Forest Service earthquake sign
12. Large rock on road to West Yellowstone
13. Mt. Jackson slide
14. Slide at Tuff Cliff
15. Trees uprooted by mudflow
16. Mud plastered trees
17. Retaining wall separation at Gibbon Falls
18. Gibbon Falls slide
19. Rockslide in Firehole Canyon
20. Large crack on face of South Twin Butte
21. New crack and fumarole on North Twin Butte
22. Chimney damage on Old Faithful Inn
23. Turbid water of Grizzly Lake
24. Junction of Straight Creek and an un-named creek
25. Rockslide at Golden Gate
26. Walkway shelter at Mammoth Museum
27. Emergency Superintendent's Office
28. Sylvan Springs
29. Clepsydra Geyser
30. Gentian Pool
31. Silex Spring
32. Fountain Paint Pots
33. Fountain Paint Pot parking area
34. Earthquake fissures
35. Sapphire Pool
36. Map of Yellowstone showing relationship of faults to seismic history (omitted from the online edition)
37. Map of earthquake area with numbered sites keyed to text (omitted from the online edition)


1. Earthquakes in the United States through 1957
2. Seismogram of August 1959 earthquake
3. Cenozoic history of Yellowstone
4. Evolution of Beartooth Mountain Block
5. Outline map showing generalized outcrops of Tertiary extrusive volcanics
6. Cross-section diagram of Yellowstone Lopolith
7. Geologic cross-section of Madison Canyon slide
8. Cross-section diagram of a geyser and hot spring basin


1. Stronger earthquakes in surrounding area
2. Earthquakes in Yellowstone
3. Effects of Montana Earthquake on water levels in observation wells
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