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Vol. XVI May-June, 1939 Nos. 5-6


Since it has been several years since we have given a list of the Ranger Naturalists of Yellowstone in Nature Notes, we are including a list at this time, giving a brief statement of each man's record showing degrees earned and from what college or university, present position, seasons of service as a Ranger Naturalist.

The permanent staff of the Naturalist Department in Yellowstone consists of the Park Naturalist, two Assistant Park Naturalists, and a Clerk-Stenographer.

C. Max Bauer Park Naturalist, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. B. S. University of Chicago, 1908. Ph. D. University of Colorado, 1932. 5 years with the United States Geological Survey; 15 years Commercial Geology; 6 years teaching Geology and Natural Science. Came to Yellowstone the Spring of 1932. Major, Geology. Minor, Natural History.

William E. Kearns Assistant Park Naturalist, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, B. A. Colorado State College of Education, 1924. 3 summers of graduate work at the University of Colorado. National Park Service Fellowship at Yale University, 1938. Ranger Naturalist in Rocky Mountain National Park, 1932 and 1933. Came to Yellowstone in 1934 as Junior Park Naturalist, Promoted to Assistant Park Naturalist, 1936. Major, Education. Minor, Biology.

Francis E. Oberhansley Assistant Park Naturalist, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. B. S. Utah State Agricultural College, 1924. Graduate work Utah State Agricultural College, 1924, Senior Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone Park, 1931 to 1934. Park Ranger, 1935. District Ranger, 1936. Junior Park Naturalist, 1936 and 1937. Assistant Park Naturalist, 1938. Major, Agronomy. Minors, Biology and Geology.

LeRoy Van Cott Clerk-Stenographer, Salt Lake City, Utah. B. A. Brigham Young University, 1935. 2 years with the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture. Assistant Clerk at Yellowstone Park for 9 months. Major, Business Administration. Minor, Music.


Bernarr Bates Manhattan Beach, California. A. B. Stanford University, 1932. 1 year graduate work at Stanford University. Temporary Ranger with Sequoia National Park from 1934 to 1937. Ranger Naturalist first season, Major, Geology. Minor, Law.

Harry L. Bauer Santa Monica, California. B. S. University of Illinois, 1919 (?). M. A. University of Colorado, 1922. Ph. D. University of Southern California, 1934. Teacher of Science Santa Monica Junior College. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1938. Major, Botany. Minor, Zoology.

Samuel Deal Rexburg, Idaho. B. A. University of Utah, 1922 (?). Graduate work, summers 1924, 1925, 1932, and 1934, University of Utah and University of California. Ranger Naturalist first season. Major, Western History. Minor, Education.

Lowell Biddulph Rexburg, Idaho. B. A. Brigham Young University, 1928. M. A. University of Michigan, 1938. Dean of Men Ricks College. 1928 to 1930 Temporary Ranger, Yellowstone. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1938. Major, Physical Education. Minor, Zoology.

Frederick W. Bieberdorf Northfield, Minnesota. B. S. A & M College, Oklahoma, 1926. M. S. Iowa State College, 1927. Ph. D. Iowa State College, 1933. Professor of Botany, St. Olaf College. Ranger Naturalist first season. Major, Plant Morphology. Minors, Dendrology and Ecology.

F. Howard Brady Sheridan, Wyoming. B. A. University of Iowa, 1929. M. S. University of Iowa, 1930. Two more years of graduate work in 1931 and 1932, University of Iowa. Science teacher, high school, Sheridan. Ranger Naturalist, 1935, Rocky Mountain National Park; Ranger Naturalist, 1936 and 1937, Grand Canyon National Park. 1938, Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone Park. Major, Geology. Minor, Zoology.

Joseph Catmull Salt Lake City, Utah. B. S. University of Utah, 1929. Graduate study summer schools, 1932 to 1933. University of Utah and University of Idaho. Teaching speech at University of Utah. Ranger Naturalist 1937 and 1938, Yellowstone. Major, Speech. Minor, Natural Science.

Irwin B. Douglass Havre, Montana. B. S. Monmouth College, 1926. Ph. D. University of Kansas, 1932 (?). Professor of Chemistry, Northern Montana College. Ranger Naturalist Yellowstone, 1936 to 1938. Yosemite Field School of Natural History, 1935. Major, Chemistry. Minor, Bacteriology.

Phillip F. Fix Boulder, Colorado. B. S. Indiana University, 1929. M. A. Indiana University, 1931. Graduate work, University of Colorado, 1937 to 1939. Fellowship in Geology at University of Colorado. Ranger Naturalist, 1934 to 1938, Yellowstone. Major, Geology.

William H. Headlee Lafayette, Indiana. A. B. Earham College, 1929. M. S. University of Illinois, 1933. Ph. D. University of Louisiana, 1936. Assistant Professor of Biology, Purdue University. Ranger Naturalist first season. Major, Bacteriology. Minor, Parasitology.

Herbert T. Lystrup Eau Claire, Wisconsin. B. S. University of Minnesota, 1926. Science Teacher, High School, Wisconsin. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1929 to 1938 inclusive. Major, Forestry.

George Marler Thornton, Idaho, B. S. Brigham Young University. Graduate work and Fellowship, Brigham Young University, 1932. Assay Office in winter. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1931, 1932, 1937, and 1938. Major, Zoology. Minor, Geology.

Neil A. Miner Mount Vernon, Iowa. B. A. Syracuse University, 1932. M. A. Syracuse University, 1934. Ph. D. University of Iowa, 1937. Professor of Geology, Cornell College. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1935 to 1938. Major, Geology. Minor, Zoology.

Arthur Nash Minneapolis, Minnesota. B. A. Augsburg College, 1922, Ph. D. University of Minnesota, 1938. Teacher Biological Sciences, Augsburg College. Ranger Naturalist 1931 to 1938. Major, Botany. Minor, Biology.

Wayne F. Replogle Elgin, Illinois, B. A. College of Emporia, 1926. Director of Athletics. Temporary Ranger, 1930 to 1935. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1936 to 1938. Major, Physical Education. Minor, General Science.

Milton L. Royer Columbia Station, Ohio. B. A. Hiram College, 1921. M. A. Columbia University, 1924. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1938. Major, Ecology. Minor, Education.

John A. Thompson Livingston, Montana. B. S. Montana State College, 1930. Coach and Science Teacher, Park County High School. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1937 and 1938. Major, Physical Education. Minor, Biology.

Harry Truman Havre, Montana. B. A. Ohio Wesleyan University, 1923. M. A. Degree, Western Reserve University, 1929. Ph. D. University of Wisconsin, 1933. Professor of Botany, Northern Montana College. Ranger Naturalist, first season, Major, Botany. Minors, Biology and Chemistry.

Randell D. Watkins Kearney, Nebraska. B. S. degree, North Texas State Teachers' College, 1929. University of Southern California Summer School, 1930 to 1934. M. A. University of Southern California, 1934. Athletic Coach, State Teachers' College, Kearney, Nebraska. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, 1937 and 1938. Major, Physical Education. Minor, Biology.

Harry Woodward Hot Springs, South Dakota, A. B. Dakota Wesleyan University, 1916. M. A. Leland Stanford Junior University, 1929. Superintendent of City Schools, Hot Springs, South Dakota. Ranger Naturalist, Yellowstone, seasons 1932 and 1935 to 1938. Major, Education. Minor, Biology.

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