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Vol. XIV March-April, 1937 Nos. 3-4

by Ranger Naturalist James R. Simon

Many scientific names of Yellowstone Park fishes have been changed in the past sixteen years. At present there is need for a list which will place the park fish fauna in accord with the latest classifications. Changes in the names of Yellowstone fishes have resulted entirely from fomalities of fish classification and not from correction of any mistakes in identification.

The list following is a comparison of the names given in Smith and Kendall, "Fishes of the Yellowstone National Park," Bureau of Fisheries Document, No. 904, 1921, with the names now used to apply to the same species. In some cases these names have remained unchanged; in others trinomial names are used in preference to binomial; and in still others, generic or specific or both generic and specific names are changed.

Smith and Kendall list sixteen species as being present in the park, and two which were introduced but unsuccessful. These eighteen species are listed; no additions or subtractions are made to Smith and Kendall's list.

Smith and Kendall Common NameNewer Name
1. Micropterus salamoidesLarge mouth black bassHuro floridana
2. Salmo sebagoLandlocked salmonUnchanged
3. Thymallus montanusMontana graylingUnchanged
4. Coregonus williamsoniRocky Mountain whitefishProsopium williamsoni
5. Salmo lewisiBlackspotted trout
or Cutthroat trout
Salmo clarki lewisi
6. Salmo shastaRainbow troutSalmo gairdnerii irideus
7. Salmo farioBrown troutSalmo trutta trutta
8. Salmo levenensisLoch Leven troutSalmo trutta levenensis
9. Cristivomer namaycushLake troutUnchanged.
10. Salvelinus fontinalisEastern brook troutUnchanged
11. Perca flavescensYellow perchUnchanged
12. Cottus punctulatusBlobCottus semiscaber
13. Catostoamus catostoamusNorthern suckerUnchanged
14. Catostomus ardensRosyside suckerCatostomus fecundus
15. Leuciscus hydrophloxSilverside minnowRichardsonius balteatus hydrophlox
16. Leuciscus lineatusUtah lake chubGila atraria

17. Rhinichthys dulcisLongnose daceRhinichthys cataractae ocella
18. Agosia nubilaDusky daceApocope oscula carringtoni


Brown and Loch Leven trouts are considered as the same species, only the variety, or subspecies, being different.

Trinomial nomenclature is sometimes applied to the Lake, trout and to the Eastern brook trout; in both cases the subspecific name is a repetition of the specific name.

Cottus punctulatus is a species of the Green River drainage, wherefore it does not appears in Yellowstone.

Perhaps this listing will serve the purpose of aiding those interested in locating more complete references to Yellowstone Park fishes.

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