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Ironing Out the Wrinkles




Appendix A

National Park Service Uniforms
Ironing Out the Wrinkles 1920-1932
Number 3


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This painting depicts a 1920s ranger riding patrol in one of the Western parks. It is one of a series of six painted by James Dietz for the 1991 opening of the National Park Service Ranger Museum at Norris Soldier Station in Yellowstone National Park. The paintings were obtained through the aspices of the National Park Foundation, who donated them to the National Park Service. It should be noted, however, that the color of the uniform is incorrect. It should be forest green instead of brown.

Publications in the
Number 1 Badges and Insignia1894-1991
Number 2 In Search of an Identitymen's uniforms - 1872-1920
Number 3 Ironing Out the Wrinklesmen's uniforms - 1920-1932
Number 4 Breeches, Blouses and Skirtswomen's uniforms - 1918-1991

Proposed (but not funded)
Number 5 The Developing Yearsmen's uniforms - 1932-1970
Number 6 They Also Serveancillary uniforms - 1920-1991

Horace Marden Albright
Horace Marden Albright, 1922.
Superintendent, Yellowstone National Park, 1919-1929, (director, NPS, 1929-1933). Albright was one of the prime movers in uniforming the Service. Up to 1922, temporary rangers wre not obligated to be uniformed, due to their low pay and usually short service. But that year, Albright made it a "condition of employment" for all rangers in Yellowstone to be uniformed. This set a trend in the other parks. The decoration on his sleeve stands for nine years of service. (each stripe, 1 year; star, 5 years)
NPSHPC - U.P.R.R. - Fred Coffee photo - HFC/69-416-1


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