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Appendix 3:

The following are park boundary changes suggested by Stell Newman, WAPA's first superintendent:

Agat Unit: Change the boundary to remove the sewage disposal plant from the park; remove the land between the sewage disposal plant and the cemetery; and add the church land on the other side of the cemetery to create a continuous stretch of parkland between the cemetery and Bangi Point.

Asan Beach Unit: Add the area on the north side of Adelup Point, as well as sufficient land to provide access to the added land. This area contains some significant historic structures.

Asan Inland Unit: Add the area where the Japanese has located their last command post. Additionally, add some area on Nimitz Hill to be used as an overlook

Mt. Alifan: Remove areas within this unit that contain no historical features. The unit has public access problems, and would require sharing a road with the Agat Junior High School, then adding additional land for the construction of an additional access road.

Mt. Chachao/Mt. Tenjo: Add a small strip of land that contains some archeological sites, and add the summit of Mt. Tenjo as well as parts of an existing four-wheel-drive road.

Piti Unit: Modify the boundaries to facilitate a more convenient and less intrusive access and parking.

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